How did we get where we are today?

Having worked in the heat-treating industry for 58 years, I agreed in January 2011 to write a monthly column about all things heat-treating for...

Heat-treatment of modified 9CrMo steel

The modified 9CrMo steels, such as Grade 91, Grade 92, and HT9, are materials of choice for fossil-fuel-fired power plants and Next Generation Nuclear...

Process quality control in heat treatment

In thermal processing, process quality control is imperative to produce and control conforming product and overall conformance. In this article we will be examining...

Q&A with Matthias Pascher

What is your role at Buehler? I am the product manager for our hardness testing equipment within Buehler. Buehler is a global supplier of apparatus for...

Process control is vital to heat-treating

The definition of process control can only be defined by the experience of the per-son to whom the query is presented. Everyone involved in...

Quality management is vital in heat-treating

Quality management in the thermal-processing industry is essential to not only conformance, but also as a check-and-balance to both systems and operations. Quality at...

The big gamble: Electric vehicles or bust

There’s a big gamble going on in Detroit, and I don’t mean at Greektown Casino; it’s at the big three automakers. All have, in...

Q&A with Roseanne Brunello

What do you and Mountain Rep do for the heat-treat industry? Mountain Rep is a manufacturing rep firm that has been in business for 35...

Retained austenite significant for strength, toughness

The role of retained austenite (RA) and the magnitude of its influence on the performance of steel components are continually debated. Depending on the...

Carburizing today: The secrets to predicting success

Predicting the outcome for today’s various carburizing processes requires different procedures and processes. Carburizing today is performed by two primary processes, at or above atmospheric...

Compliance via internal procedures

Verification of compliance is two-fold; witnessing operations being performed in accordance with internal procedures. As long as procedures are followed, the challenge in conformance...

Q&A with Mike Paponetti

You were recently promoted to Southeast Sales Manager. How does this new position differ from your previous one? In the last position, I was a...

Hardness scale conversion

The use of hardness testing as a quality control method to check the outcome of a thermal treatment process is a common application of...

Variation in steel hardenability

Many heat-treating processes cannot tolerate appreciable variations in steel hardenability. For an established in-control process, deviations in chemical composition and starting microstructure may result...

Q&A with Guido Locatelli

Tell us about your company. The company was established in 1984 near Milan, Italy, in the city of Caravaggio, and since its inception the headquarters...

Allocating space for case hardening furnaces

When selecting neutral or case hardening furnaces that require pits and have vertically mounted radiant tubes, facility managers must make sure that the equipment...

An argument in support of Nadcap

I think it is safe to assume that the majority of Thermal Processing readers have, in some capacity and at some point in their...

Q&A with Max Dubin

What’s a typical day like for you at Across International? As sales development, I act as the intersection between the products our engineers design, our...

Hardening depth measurement

Surface hardening heat treatments are popular in the manufacture of steel products as a means of significantly improving strength and fatigue resistance and mitigating...

Let’s hear it for welding

Heat-treating and metallurgy are topics that attract the overwhelming interest of attendees of technical conferences and are written about in numerous articles. However, a...

Keep wet pumps performing

Performing routine maintenance on a wet pump is critical not only to its life span but, more importantly, to its performance. One commonly recommended...

AMS2750E, Nadcap requirements

When I consult, I will periodically perform a gap analysis on a supplier’s heat-treat process to either obtain Nadcap approval or as a check-and-balance...

Q&A with Raymond Daniel Noble

What are your duties with Noble Industrial Furnace? What is your typical day? My duties include, but are not limited to, oversight of design and...

Is there a furnace problem?

That question is much easier to answer if you learn the indicators, alarms, switches

Residual stress evaluation in bearings

Lingering stress is not easily identified during production, but has a direct impact on wear performance and fatigue life

IHEA conducts technical seminars in conjunction with Furnaces North America

IHEA conducts technical seminars in conjunction with Furnaces North America

Q&A with Bob Fouquette

Chief Engineer with Custom Electric Manufacturing Co.

The metallurgical R&D laboratory

Remembering old-school lab work is a blast from the past

You can’t overlook the process

Cycle verification identifies thermal nonconformance, ensures deviation from requirements is reported

Carbon potential verification

Choose from several verification methods for best fit, then develop a plan to correct for out-of-spec test results

Q&A with Richard Slattery

Vice President, Engineering with Capstan Atlantic

Heat treating is not for the faint of heart

Why heat-treating furnaces look the way they do, Part 2

Atmosphere furnace control

Proper temperature is crucial to part quality, but don’t overlook its effect on atmosphere control

Maximize downtime for large repairs

When your furnace is down for large repairs, use the opportunity to catch up on overdue or extensive maintenance

Q&A with Joe Ugalde

Business Marketing Analyst with TE Wire & Cable, LLC

Finding leaks in an atmosphere furnace

Visual inspection, routine preventative maintenance of atmosphere furnaces is critical to maintaining safety, efficiency

Some things old can be new again

Why heat-treating furnaces look the way they do

Case Depth Determination

Methodology to ensure design intent is satisfied

Q&A with Rick Diekman

Owner and President of Controlled Thermal Processing, Inc.

Carbon: Essential element or too much of a good thing

52100: Simple, yet it embraces carbon’s two-way benefit to steel