Member spotlight TEECO: Knowledgeable support, timely service for industrial combustion systems

Thermal Energy Engineering Company (TEECO) aims to support its industry partners by bridging knowledge gaps and providing field support to ensure the most reliable equipment operations. (Courtesy: TEECO)

Thermal Energy Engineering Company (TEECO) is a service company focused on supporting industrial combustion systems across numerous disciplines. Whether it’s baking cheesecakes, melting metals, milling minerals, or drying fertilizers and pet foods, TEECO’s combustion professionals have experience in a wide range of process heating applications that uniquely equips them with not only the knowledge of the combustion systems themselves, but also an eye to understand the whole process to provide the best service possible, no matter the customer or the application.

While the industrial combustion industry is undergoing many changes with market volatility, personnel limitations, and manufacturer reliability, TEECO aims to support its industry partners by bridging knowledge gaps and providing field support to ensure the most reliable equipment operation. The company’s approach to success is to earn the trust and confidence of both OEMs and end users by providing dependable services that are knowledgeable, professional, and timely, to strengthen combustion and process reliability industry wide.

OEM Support

Industry trends over recent years have shown opportunities for OEMs to leverage the experience of vendors and contractors for specialized engineered systems and service to provide the most reliable equipment to their end user customers. TEECO’s combustion background allows it to support OEMs from multiple approaches, including:

Burner Applications Engineering

TEECO’s engineering team helps OEMs with:

  • Burner selection.
  • Gas train application and sizing.
  • Control system design.

Equipment Procurement and Assembly

Design and assembly of: 

  • Gas trains.
  • Control panels.
  • Auxiliary components.

Field Service

TEECO’s service department travels nationwide to help OEMs perform:

  • Equipment startups.
  • Safety inspections.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Burner tuning.
  • Instrument calibration.
TEECO’s combustion background allows it to support OEMs from multiple approaches. (Courtesy: TEECO)

End User Support

Safety Audits and Service: TEECO travels to end user sites nationwide to provide annual NFPA safety inspections and troubleshooting on various types of on-site equipment, as well as burner tuning to help customers achieve their gas efficiency and carbon emissions goals.

Process Engineering Consultations: Leveraging years of experience with numerous applications to understand the entire production system upstream and downstream of the burner and lend expertise and advice to improve equipment efficiency, throughput, quality, and emissions.

Turnkey Retrofit Projects: Providing engineered systems and installation services to replace outdated or failing equipment in the field, including gas trains, control panels, and more.

 For more information on services offered or to begin your partnership with TEECO’s team, contact them at or 864-832-2238.

Calendar of Events

August 21
Fundamentals of Industrial Process Heating

6 week online course | 775 IHEA members / $950 non-members

This course is designed to give the student a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of heat transfer within an industrial furnace and the associated losses and the operation of a heating source either as fuel combustion or electricity.

August 24
Sustainability & Decarbonization Webinar Series – Ongoing Sustainability: Industry Best Practices

Carbon reduction is not a project, it is a process, and must be ongoing. Earlier sessions will help you determine your carbon footprint and understand ways to track and impact your carbon footprint. In this presentation, we will review methods and programs to ensure the continual improvement of your carbon reduction efforts.

October 31
Safety Standards & Codes Seminar
Cincinnati, Ohio  800 IHEA members / $975 non-members

This seminar is designed for individuals involved in the design, manufacture, service or operation of ovens, furnaces, kilns, dryers, thermal oxidizers and a wide range of industrial applications. It is intended to help the attendee become better acquainted with the newly updated NFPA 86 – Standard for Ovens & Furnaces.

October 31
IHEA’s Annual Combustion Seminar

Cincinnati, Ohio  800 IHEA members / $975 non-members

Long the industry premier seminar for industrial process heating professionals, this two-day event offers attendees the chance to learn the latest in combustion technology and visit with industry suppliers during a tabletop exhibition the first day. The IHEA Combustion Seminar is designed for persons responsible for the operation, design, selection and/or maintenance of fuel-fired industrial process furnaces and ovens. Seminar speakers are industry leaders in the combustion industry.  Presentations will be non-commercial and promote the technology overall, not a specific product or company.

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