The journey toward decarbonization


Decarbonization. Sustainability. Carbon neutral. These are definitely the latest buzz words flying around the industrial heating industry, and everywhere else for that matter. The Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) is dedicated to spearheading critical insights and advancements around the topics of sustainability and decarbonization.

For the past 18 months, IHEA has been developing and delivering a very successful Sustainability webinar series, continuously updating terms and definitions, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and resources for the industry on the IHEA website and — in its biggest step — offering a comprehensive Decarbonization SUMMIT October 28-30, 2024, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“All IHEA members are continuously being asked about ways to decarbonize their processes,” said IHEA President and Sustainability Committee Chair Jeff Rafter. “As the industry association dedicated to all things ‘heating,’ we feel it is our duty to present an unbiased view of what’s happening now and how companies can begin the process of lowering their carbon emissions on their current equipment, while beginning to look at all the alternatives that are coming and how those might fit into their operations. There’s no question that change is imminent. We want to be the resource that the industry uses for information on all options to begin to decarbonize operations.”

“We are in a unique position,” he said. “There has never been an issue like this that has faced our industry. Working together and bringing the industry together at a summit such as this gives everyone a forum to learn, share ideas and best practices, review new technologies, and begin lowering carbon emissions as an industry. No one is going to do this alone.”

While not much is going to happen overnight, “Legislation is coming,” said IHEA board member Mike Stowe, who is serving on the ISO Decarbonization Committee.

“The best thing companies can do is begin preparing now,” he said. “Take a look at your current operations and start making changes that improve efficiency now.  Educate yourself and your staff on technologies that will help you lower carbon emissions. Be ready for what lies ahead.”

IHEA is ready to help the industry take the next step by presenting the Industrial Heating Decarbonization SUMMIT. This event is designed to start shaping the future of manufacturing heating processes.

It will include keynote addresses by industry visionaries, ways to begin your decarbonization process now, a look ahead at various technologies that can also help you decarbonize, case histories and a panel discussion on decarbonization collaboration, networking with industry leaders, and a tabletop exhibition that showcases cutting-edge technology.

Themes running throughout the SUMMIT

  • Low carbon fuels in industrial processes.
  • Carbon capture and storage technologies.
  • Global benchmarking.
  • Economics and business concerns.
  • Innovations in clean technologies.
  • DOE programs and tools.
  • Policy frameworks for decarbonization.
  • More.

Target audience for the SUMMIT 

  • CEOs and executives from industrial companies.
  • Sustainability officers and environmental managers.
  • Government officials and policymakers.
  • Researchers and academics in clean technology.
  • Sustainability engineers and program managers.
  • Directors of sustainable manufacturing.
  • Utility representatives.

The tabletop exhibits that will accompany the SUMMIT program will allow attendees to explore a wide array of information that will help them in their decarbonization efforts. Those interested in reserving a tabletop should visit Tabletops are expected to sell out quickly.

As IHEA works its way toward the SUMMIT in the fall, the Sustainability webinar series continues with topics that touch all aspects of the journey to decarbonization.

Nearly 1,000 people have tuned in over the past year since the first webinar was launched.

Upcoming webinars

May 16: Increasing Available Heat to Lower COEmissions.

June 20: Understanding Carbon Credits & Net Zero.

July 18: U.S. Codes & Standards. 

August 15: Renewable Fuels.

Additional webinars will be added regularly. IHEA’s webinars are free to attend.

You can register by going to IHEA’s website ( and clicking on the Sustainability logo on the home page, then scroll down and click on the “Sustainability Webinar Series” to review and register for the upcoming webinars.

If you have a sustainability topic you would like us to address, please email the topic to, and IHEA will work to develop a webinar.