ECHT 2024 to focus on processes, tech for sustainable future


The ECHT 2024 Conference and the 50th Annual A3TS Congress will be together in Toulouse, France, June 5-7, 2024. The focus will be on processes and technologies for a sustainable future in transport and industry. The conference will deal with all fields of heat treatment and surface engineering, heat treatment of metals (iron and steel, non-ferrous alloys), thermochemical treatment of metals, coatings and surface treatments, coatings and surface treatments including dry treatment operations (PVD, CVD, plasma, thermal spraying, etc.), and wet treatment operations (electrochemistry, etc.). Specific sessions will be devoted to the aerospace industry.

Additional focus areas

  • Contribution of innovative heat and thermochemical treatments to EU climate goals.
  • Coatings made from enhanced materials for electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Digital technologies in heat treatment and surface engineering industries.
  • Surface engineering to address environmental constraints.
  • New needs in tribological properties: An open challenge for heat treatment and surface engineering.

Planned keynote talks

Laurent Pinto. Metal technology senior expert, Airbus Group (France): “Metallic and surface technologies development challenges toward a sustainable future.”

Thomas Ackerson. Senior metallurgist, Blue Origin (U.S.): “Materials Challenges for Reusable Hardware and Sustainable Processes for Space Travel in the Mid-21st Century.”

Marcel Somers. Professor,, Technical University Denmark (Denmark): “Microstructure Optimization in Additively Manufactured Metals through Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering.”

Denis Descheemaeker. IRT Saint Exupéry (France): “Strategy and Technological Roadmap for Sustainability.”

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More conference updates

29th IFHTSE World Congress
September 30-October 3, 2024  I  Cleveland, Ohio

The ASM Heat Treating Society (HTS) and the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE) present the highly anticipated 29th IFHTSE World Congress, a premier global event dedicated to advancing the fields of heat treatment and surface engineering. The conference is co-located with ASM’s Annual Meeting, IMAT 2024.

The 2024 IFHTSE World Congress revolves around the theme “Innovations in Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering for a Sustainable Future.” Emphasizing the critical role of these technologies in shaping a sustainable world, the event will explore the latest developments, breakthroughs, and practices that can enhance the efficiency, performance, and environmental impact of heat treatment and surface engineering processes. In addition, traditional heat-treating topics will be offered.

Important dates

First draft of manuscript due: May 17, 2024.

Editor feedback to authors: June 14, 2024.

Final manuscripts due: June 28, 2024.

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Third International Conference on Quenching and Distortion Engineering
May 6-8, 2025  I  Vancouver, Canada

This event will be in conjunction with AeroMat 2025. This is a continuation of the successful Distortion Engineering conference series and the Quenching and Distortion conference series. The first QDE was in Chicago in 2012 and has occurred at approximately five-year intervals. There is a strong focus on the effects of residual stress during manufacturing and methods to control distortion and residual stress. The call for papers is expected in the next few months.