90-plus authors submit abstracts for European heat treat conference

The European Conference on Heat Treatment/IFHTSE 27th Congress will cover a wide range of topics.

So far, more than 90 authors from 22 countries have provided abstracts to the 27th IFHTSE Congress and ECHT2022. The contributions cover a wide range of heat-treatment and surface-engineering topics including:

  • Furnace equipment and process control.
  • Thermal processing of non-ferrous alloys.
  • Quenching technology.
  • Carburizing/carbonitriding and nitriding/nitrocarburizing.
  • Modeling and simulation.
  • Energy and the environment.

The conference will also feature a symposium honoring Sören Segerberg. This special symposium is dedicated to the late Swedish researcher who passed away in 2021. The talks in the symposium include:

Quenching with Aqueous Polymer Solutions: Thomas Lübben, IWT Bremen, IFHTSE Fellow.

Comparison of high-severity quenchants for low-carbon steels. Lauralice Canale, University of São Paolo.

Quenching for the future — In memoriam of Sören Segerberg. Eva Troell, RISE, Gothenburg, IFHTSE Past President.

Current Investigations at Quenching Research Centre. Bozžidar Matijevicć, University of Zagreb.

Birth of SmartQuench — In memoriam of Sören Segerberg. Imre Felde, Obuda University Budapest, IFHTSE Treasurer.

Advanced developments in the field of liquid quenchants; State of technique — New Requirements — Technical Perspectives. Rainer Braun, Burgdorf KG, Stuttgart.

Characterization of Polymer Quenchants — Influence of Agitation. D. Scott Mackenzie, Quaker Houghton, USA, former IFHTSE President.

Overview of Researches and Standardization Activities on Test Systems for Quenchant Characterization in Japan. Kyozo Arimoto, Arimotech, Osaka, IFHTSE Fellow.

As previously announced, an additional five keynote lectures will highlight important aspects and trends in the different fields of heat treatment and surface engineering.

In the meantime, also the portal for sponsoring and exhibition has opened: ifhtse-echt2022.org/downloads/IFHTSE_ECHT-2022_ApplicationForm.pdf

After a long hiatus, we are looking forward to bringing together scientists, suppliers, customers, and industrial specialists to this event.  We hope to see you in Salzburg.

Members in the News

Bernard Kuntzmann — New IFHTSE Executive Committee Member

Bernard Kuntzmann

Bernard Kuntzmann was born in Strasbourg, France, in 1963. He first studied heat treatment and surface engineering at Saint-Louis University, Brussels, and then graduated to CNAM engineer in metallurgy in Belfort, France, from 1981 to 1986.

His professional career started at SCR in Switzerland where he was responsible for the optimization and development of atmosphere control systems, in particular the development of oxygen probes. 

He has been involved with furnace engineering, developing a short-time nitriding process, and optimization of heat treating in fluidized-bed furnaces.  Moving to the vacuum furnace manufacturing at Schmetz, he developed the previously unknown process of heat treating austempered ductile iron in a vacuum furnace.

He joined Bodycote as a process engineer and developed the combined process consisting of gas nitriding, plasma nitriding, and polishing (Corridur®) for the heat treatment of transmission parts.

He is presently managing director at Listemann AG in Winterthur, where he is responsible for development of heat-treatment process, high-temperature brazing, and electron-beam welding for the medical, aerospace, and energy industries.

He is currently the president of the Swiss Heat Treatment Association.

Spotlight on Members

IMP Institute of Precision Mechanics (Instytut Mechaniki Przecyzyjnej)

The Institute of Precision Mechanics (IMP) conducts high-quality research, development, and implementation activities relating to surface treatment of metallic products and improvement of mechanical properties, durability, and corrosion resistance of tools, machine parts, and structures. The primary goal of the Institute is to transfer developed technologies — including the equipment required to use them, measuring and testing instruments, and know-how — into all branches of the industry and to provide services. During the many years of its activity, the Institute has become a recognizable brand, and the effects of its research are in common use.

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