IHEA’s Industrial Heating Decarbonization SUMMIT scheduled for October

IHEA’s Industrial Heating Decarbonization SUMMIT will be October 28-30 at the Conrad Indianapolis.

The Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) recently announced the Industrial Heating Decarbonization SUMMIT on October 28-30 at the Conrad Indianapolis.

“Forging a Sustainable Path for the Industrial Heating Industry,” the SUMMIT is being developed to provide a platform for everyone needing to explore all facets of decarbonization as they relate to the industrial process heating industry.

“With all the emphasis to reduce or eliminate carbon in our processes and the challenges that come along with this, there has never been a more opportune time to hold this SUMMIT,” said IHEA President Brian Kelly. “It will provide attendees the opportunity to learn more about the different pathways that are possible to decarbonize their processes, along with tools and programs to assist in these endeavors. This is an event not to be missed and unique in its offerings as we look to forge a sustainable path for the industrial heating industry.”

Manufacturers face increasing pressures to become more environmentally responsible, and the challenge to implement sustainable energy alternatives looms large for many companies. Rapid advancements in technologies and industry energy infrastructure make planning for sustainable industrial manufacturing a daunting task.

“At IHEA’s 2024 Industrial Heating Decarbonization SUMMIT, attendees will benefit from expert advice and practical experiences delivered by industry leaders implementing a wide variety of solutions for sustainable industrial process heating,” said IHEA’s Sustainability SUMMIT Program Chairman, Jeff Rafter. “Presentations will include a wide range of alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint. Panel discussions will explore best practices and real-world experiences of major manufacturers leading sustainability trends. In total, the IHEA Industrial Heating Decarbonization SUMMIT will provide an invaluable suite of information and networking for any company seeking to address advancements in more sustainable manufacturing.”

The preliminary program includes the following topics:

  • Sustainability terms and definitions.
  • Sustainability and net zero.
  • Terms and definitions.
  • Sustainability pathways.
  • Efficiency and renewable fuels.
  • Electrification.
  • Carbon credits and carbon sequestration.
  • Efficiency in process heating.
  • Reducing fuel usage.
  • Automation and controls impact.
  • Ancillary equipment and system efficiency.
  • Calculation and tools.
  • Low carbon fuels and hydrogen.
  • Electrification (direct vs. indirect).
  • Carbon credits and net zero.
  • Carbon sequestration.
  • DOE programs and tools.
  • Benchmarking E.U. to U.S.
  • Industry adoption.
  • Economics and business concerns.
  • The risk of doing nothing.
  • Codes and legislation.
  • Grants and funding sources.
  • Collaboration for decarbonization panel.

A tabletop exhibition will be offered as part of the SUMMIT and sponsorships will be available in April. Registration will also open in April. 

Watch for more information or go to www.ihea.org for updates.

Established in 1929 to meet the need for effective group action in promoting the interests of industrial furnace manufacturers, IHEA has expanded and currently includes designers and manufacturers of all types of industrial-heat-processing equipment used for the melting, refining, and heat processing of ferrous and nonferrous metals and certain nonmetallic materials and heat-treatment of products made from them.

Calendar of Events

April 8–May 19
Fundamentals of Industrial Process Heating Online Course

This course is designed to give the student a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of heat transfer within an industrial furnace and the associated losses and the operation of a heating source either as fuel combustion or electricity.

Course Fees: $775 IHEA members / $950 non-members

April 18
Sustainability & Decarbonization Webinar Series — Making Decisions: Gas vs. Electric

May 16
Sustainability & Decarbonization Webinar Series — Increasing Available Heat to Lower CO2

This webinar will review the proven methods for heat recovery and emissions reduction and their applicability to processes where fuel savings and/or production increases have not previously justified their implementation.

June 20
Sustainability & Decarbonization Webinar Series — Understanding Carbon Credits & Net Zero

July 18
Sustainability & Decarbonization Webinar Series — Industry Adoption: U.S. Codes & Standards

August 15
Sustainability & Decarbonization Webinar Series — Renewable Fuels

For details on IHEA events, go to www.ihea.org/events