IHEA grows its sustainability and decarbonization initiatives

IHEA will offer the Combustion Seminar and the Safety Standards and Codes Seminar over two days in October in Cincinnati, Ohio.

With the popularity and success of this summer’s Sustainability & Decarbonization webinar series, the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) announces an expansion of the series with 11 new sustainability webinars through 2024.

“With interest very high regarding sustainability and reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, the IHEA board of directors feels there is a strong need to continue providing valuable information that will assist our industry in navigating sustainability issues,” said IHEA Executive Vice President Anne Goyer.

The series will continue to be offered on the third Thursday of every month with an occasional exception for holidays.  

IHEA’s Sustainability & Decarbonization webinar series focuses on carbon producing heating processes and provides methods to optimize their efficiency and thereby reduce their carbon emission intensity. The webinars cover the various scopes of carbon emissions and the methods to determine your site, or specific equipment, carbon footprint. IHEA is pleased to add critical subject matter to its educational calendar.  

The IHEA board of directors determined the webinar topics that are critical, and IHEA members have volunteered to develop the content and deliver the webinars. IHEA will be adding details for each webinar so be sure to check back often for additional information. To register for the webinars, go to www.ihea.org/sustainabilitywebinars. 

Seminar dates and topics

October 19, 2023: How to Get Grants to Become Environmentally Sustainable, Lakeview Consulting.

November 30, 2023: The European Approach, WS Thermal Process Technology Inc.

January 18, 2024:Introduction to Hydrogen, Karl Dungs Inc.

February 15, 2024: Carbon Capture & Storage (Sequestration), Dry Coolers Inc.

March 21, 2024: Hydrogen Basics, Honeywell Thermal Solutions.

April 18, 2024: Making Decisions – Gas vs. Electric, Surface Combustion.

May 16, 2024: Today’s Existing Technology for Carbon Reduction, Bloom Engineering.

June 20, 2024: Understanding Carbon Credits & Net Zero, Surface Combustion.

July 18, 2024: Industry Adoption: US Codes & Standards, Karl Dungs Inc.

August 15, 2024: Renewable Fuels, Karl Dungs Inc./Advanced Energy.

Sustainability & Decarbonization Resources

In addition to the webinar series, IHEA has been developing and expanding a variety of initiatives relating to sustainability and decarbonization in the industrial heating equipment industry. Recently IHEA President Brian Kelly of Honeywell Thermal Solutions said, “IHEA is taking a leadership role because we see this will be an ongoing and changing landscape for the industry for years to come. With the collective expertise of our membership, we feel that we can provide information, education, and guidance to help everyone navigate what is sure to be a challenging environment.”

 “In the end, we want IHEA to be a resource to help our entire industry in their sustainability journey as it will be a long and winding road that will be different for everyone,” he said.

The first initiative was to develop a sustainability area on the IHEA website that features the foundation of information the industry needs. This section of the IHEA website will evolve as time goes on. Content and resources will be added on a regular basis, and visitors will always find something new that will be of value. To access this information, go to www.ihea.org/sustainability. The first three items under Sustainability on the website include: 

Frequently Asked Questions: The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on IHEA’s Sustainability page will be an evolving list of answers to the most popular questions asked today. Visitors are encouraged to submit their own questions that will be answered by industry experts.If you don’t see a question you need answered, complete the FAQ submission form at the bottom of the page, and the question and answer will be added to the website.

Glossary of Terms: Hoping to alleviate much of the confusion involved in sustainability and decarbonization discussions, the glossary provides a quick review of commonly used sustainability and decarbonization terminology. This section on the IHEA website will evolve as the initiatives grow.

Resource List: The IHEA Resource List is a growing collection of important resources to help the industry find a wide variety of information related to sustainability and decarbonization. It includes links to websites that IHEA members have found useful.

IHEA Fall Seminars 

IHEA’s fall seminars will be October 31 and November 1. IHEA will offer the Combustion Seminar and the Safety Standards and Codes Seminar at the Embassy Suites by Hilton – Cincinnati RiverCenter. These popular technical seminars have adapted to industry needs and include content on hydrogen and decarbonization. 

There will be a combined tabletop exhibition and reception Tuesday, October 31. Attendees from both seminars will have the opportunity to speak with company representatives and learn more about the products and services discussed in the classroom. Member companies benefit by connecting with attendees from both seminars during the tabletop exhibition and reception.

There’s still time to register. Details and registration information are at www.ihea.org/Fall23.  

Calendar of events

October 8–10
IHEA Combustion Seminar
Indiana Convention Center | Indianapolis, Indiana

October 8–10
IHEA Safety Standards & Codes Seminar
Indiana Convention Center | Indianapolis, Indiana

October 8
IHEA Induction Seminar
Indiana Convention Center | Indianapolis, Indiana

October 15–November 26
Advanced Process Heating | On-Line Distance Learning Course

November 13–14
Powder Coating & Curing Processes Seminar | Henderson, Nevada

The Chemical Coaters Association International and the Industrial Heating Equipment Association’s Infrared Division are presenting this day and a half introduction to Powder Coating & Curing Processes Seminar, which will include classroom instruction and hands-on lab demonstrations.

For details on IHEA events, go to www.ihea.org/events