DANTE Solutions

DANTE Solutions is an engineering consulting and software company, specializing in metallurgical process engineering and thermal/stress analyses of metal parts and components. Started in 1982 by founder Dr. B. Lynn Ferguson as Deformation Control Technology, the company has evolved into the premier thermal process modeling company with its DANTE heat treatment simulation software.

DANTE Solutions maintains an active program of alloy characterization, process modeling consulting, continued innovation in application to new processes (i.e. vacuum carburizing, high pressure gas quenching), and technical support to our software licensees.

DANTE Solutions provides its DANTE software to the heat treating industry, but we are much more than a “software company.” While it’s true we keep updating the DANTE software with improved models and a more expansive material database, DANTE Solutions is also involved in local and national engineering organizations, R&D projects, process improvement, and more.

ason Meyer joined DANTE Solutions full time in May 2021 after receiving his Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Cleveland State University. His main responsibilities include marketing efforts, project work, and support and training services for the DANTE software package and the DANTE utility tools. Contact him at jason.meyer@dante-solutions.com.

DANTE mechanical engineer Justin Sims and DANTE software trainer Jason Meyer are the authors of Metal Urgency, a column that appears each month in Thermal Processing magazine. To find contributions to Thermal Processing by Sims, click here:

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