Get to know IHEA’s new member: DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES

DELTA H serves the aerospace, automotive, defense, and medical industries, focusing on processes including additive manufacturing, heat treating, and composite curing. (Courtesy: DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES)

IHEA’s newest member, DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES, is a growing family business that prides itself on quality and performance. The company was originally established as DELTA H SERVICES in 1990 by Richard Conway while he was finishing his degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University. Conway, a United States Air Force veteran, scheduled work around his busy class schedule. After graduating from OSU in 1993, he formed DELTA H SYSTEMS Inc. DELTA H initially specialized in servicing combustion and control systems on industrial furnaces, ovens, and kilns. The company continued service-related projects but also performed control system upgrades, used equipment sales, and design and assembly of specialized furnace and oven systems.

In 1998, as the result of a consulting project with an aircraft maintenance company, DELTA H SYSTEMS INC. developed the first dual-chamber aerospace heat treating (DCAHT®) system, which became its flagship product. DCAHT systems are widely used by the U.S. Armed Forces, defense contractors, and commercial aviation companies around the world. DELTA H SYSTEMS INC. was reorganized and renamed as DELTA H TECHNOLOGIES in 2009 and became a family business when Conway’s oldest children, twins Neal and Ellen, joined the company. Growth has been steady ever since the reorganization.

DELTA H serves the aerospace, automotive, defense, and medical industries, focusing on processes including additive manufacturing, heat treating, and composite curing. It tends to concentrate its efforts on niche thermal-processing applications within these markets. The company boasts unrivaled quality and performance for its customers, along with excellent service and support.

DELTA H is distinctively known for “DELTA H FEVER,” a highly contagious passion that comes with the realization of the purpose of the types of systems it builds and meeting the expectations of the clients it serves. DELTA H FEVER encourages employees to bring the full depth of their skills, knowledge, and experience to any and every project. The company fosters an environment of achievement and accomplishment for employees, making it a rewarding place to contribute.

The future for DELTA H is a bright one. Its plans include expanding its product lines over the next five years while continuing to focus on niche and emerging technologies. The company has nearly doubled its workforce and is seeking additional engineers and technicians to help maintain its growth. Even with the current COVID-19 pandemic, DELTA H has been able to secure government contracts as well as “too-big-to-fail” commercial projects to remain busy.

In the longer term, DELTA H aims to continue being entrepreneurial and grow the business, while taking advantage of any opportunities that may materialize. Visit for more information on DELTA H Technologies.

62 High Street, Carroll, Ohio, 43112
Office: 740-756-7676; Fax: 740-756-7680

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