Honeywell Thermal Solutions offers a range of thermal solution technologies

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Honeywell has an extensive history in combustion processes and controls, including solutions for industrial combustion industries. Honeywell Thermal Solutions united the combustion industry’s leading brands to provide an extensive range of thermal solutions globally: Honeywell Combustion Controls, Honeywell Combustion Safety, Honeywell Combustion Service, Eclipse, Exothermics, Hauck, Kromschröder, and Maxon.

Honeywell has created a comprehensive portfolio of thermal solution technologies, software as a service (SaaS), and outcome-based service offerings. Continued innovation is driving Honeywell Thermal Solutions leadership position as a collaborative partner for customers wanting to drive better business outcomes with leading edge thermal processes.

With more than 100 years of industry-leading experience, Honeywell Thermal Solutions provides a combination of expertise and solutions that include:

Burners: For low- and high-temperature industrial processes.

Burner management systems (BMS): Single and multi-burner controllers, UV, infrared, visible and combination flame detectors, air fuel rationed O2 trim systems, and application-specific programmable BMS controllers.

Fuel delivery systems: Pressure regulation, shut-off valves, control valves, and fuel-air ratio systems for heavy industrial process applications.

Engineered-to-order solutions: Delivering the most compliant turnkey systems to code and standards with the greatest depth of technical know-how.

Connected solutions: Honeywell Thermal IQ, developed by thermal-process experts, is the remote monitoring solution that securely connects your combustion equipment to the cloud, making critical thermal-process data available anytime, anywhere, on any smart device or desktop.

Remote Expert Support with Virtual Combustion Technician: This software allows clients and certified Honeywell technicians to collaborate and solve problems via a smart phone app. VCT provides a safe and reliable way for clients to troubleshoot problems with a thermal domain expert virtually looking over their shoulders.

Whether it is high-temperature and low-temperature industrial burners or burner management systems for industrial process applications, Honeywell Thermal Solutions has a portfolio that covers every need. This portfolio of thermal transfer solutions covers everything from commercial to heavy-industrial sectors and includes:

  • End-to-end customer experience (from opportunity, to delivery, to start-up, to operation, to post-shipment).
  • Global service teams providing standard service contracts, troubleshooting, burner tuning for efficiency, emissions, and burner performance.
  • Turnkey solutions for new and existing applications.
  • Remote monitoring software applications, data analytics, and outcome-based projects.
  • Executing projects from start to finish, with multiple solutions from simple to complex.

In a highly competitive global marketplace, industrial organizations increasingly seek digital intelligence to manage and operate hundreds of assets from a single site or across an enterprise and address critical operating demands. They need effective tools to transform process data into real-time information regarding process performance, equipment health, energy consumption, and emissions monitoring. Honeywell Thermal Solutions maximizes the connectivity of real-time and cyber-secure operating data in thermal processes and automates predictive analytics to provide outcome-based, predictive maintenance to bring significant benefits to the operation. These benefits include increased visibility and accountability, minimized unplanned downtime and maximum uptime, increased efficiency, and enhanced safety.

Honeywell Thermal Solutions will continue to address key industry trends as a global industrial thermal solutions provider with leading technology, software and cloud-based, connected strategies.


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