Algas-SDI supplies combustion equipment to heat treaters around the world

Phoenix Velocity Heat Direct Fired Burner provides 3,000,000 BTU/hr. Typical applications for the VH burners include batch and continuous furnaces for heat treating, thermal oxidizers, and non-ferrous melting furnaces.

Algas-SDI is a manufacturer of liquid fuel vaporizers, natural gas backup and decompression equipment, and combustion equipment. The company deploys its products worldwide through its network of distributors.

Algas manufactured its first direct fired propane vaporizers in the 1930s. In the 1990s, Algas merged with Sam Dick Industries (SDI), which was owned by Eclipse, Inc. at the time.

Algas-SDI has a long history of using packaged burners in water bath vaporizers. A combustion products division was created in 2021 due to supply-chain challenges and given the long business history with Eclipse, Inc.

In addition to the Simple Heat packaged burners used on water bath vaporizers, the company also supplies Velocity Heat direct fired furnace burners for higher temperature applications.

In 2022, the company moved to a new facility in Kent, Washington, in order to support its continued growth.

Becoming a member of IHEA was considered a good fit for Algas-SDI due to IHEA’s long and proud history as a reputable organization.

Before becoming a member, Algas-SDI already had many working relationships with a lot of current members of the association. The knowledge and reputation of these IHEA members transferred to the association itself. Another positive for the membership was the knowledge and reputation of the IHEA members as well as the association itself. That stems from IHEA being a trend spotter as well as a trend setter for the combustion industry.

To that end and with IHEA’s assistance, Algas-SDI strives to be a preferred supplier of equipment that enables the transition to a clean and efficient use of non-carbon-based fuels.

Phoenix Simple Heat
Packaged Burner is a nozzle-mixing burner with an integral air blower designed to operate with fixed combustion air over a wide turndown range.

But the need for being an IHEA member goes both ways.

As a new IHEA member, Algas-SDI is bringing a new team of aspiring and curious combustion enthusiasts to the table – a team driven by the company’s desire to provide simple-to-use, quality products. Algas-SDI’s focus is to deliver its products with reasonable lead times and personable, top-notch customer service.

To put it simply, Algas-SDI is fueled by curiosity, and the company is ready to serve its customers with a high-energy team. Some members of that team are still early in their careers and are eager to make their mark on the industry.

With all that Algas-SDI brings to the table, the company’s IHEA membership will be an important step for Algas-SDI to learn more about the current trends in the combustion industry, to know what the industry is discussing, and network with like-minded individuals.

It will also provide a path to getting the company name on the lips of a constantly evolving industry and let OEMs and solution providers know that Algas-SDI is at the ready to support them while growing its technical knowledge and returning that knowledge whenever possible.

Sustainability & Decarbonization series

With the popularity and success of this summer’s Sustainability & Decarbonization webinar series, the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) announces an expansion of the series with 11 new sustainability webinars through 2024.

“With interest very high regarding sustainability and reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, the IHEA board of directors feels there is a strong need to continue providing valuable information that will assist our industry in navigating sustainability issues,” said IHEA Executive Vice President Anne Goyer.

The series will continue to be offered on the third Thursday of every month with an occasional exception for holidays. 

IHEA’s Sustainability & Decarbonization webinar series focuses on carbon producing heating processes and provides methods to optimize their efficiency and thereby reduce their carbon emission intensity. The webinars cover the various scopes of carbon emissions and the methods to determine your site, or specific equipment, carbon footprint. IHEA is pleased to add critical subject matter to its educational calendar. 

The IHEA board of directors determined the webinar topics that are critical, and IHEA members have volunteered to develop the content and deliver the webinars. IHEA will be adding details for each webinar so be sure to check back often for additional information. To register for the webinars, go to

Webinar schedule

January 18, 2024:Introduction to Hydrogen, Karl Dungs Inc.

February 15, 2024: Carbon Capture & Storage (Sequestration), Dry Coolers Inc.

March 21, 2024: Hydrogen Basics, Honeywell Thermal Solutions.

April 18, 2024: Making Decisions – Gas vs. Electric, Surface Combustion.

May 16, 2024: Today’s Existing Technology for Carbon Reduction, Bloom Engineering.

June 20, 2024: Understanding Carbon Credits & Net Zero, Surface Combustion.

July 18, 2024: Industry Adoption: US Codes & Standards, Karl Dungs Inc. 

August 15, 2024: Renewable Fuels, Karl Dungs Inc./Advanced Energy.