IHEA events are in full swing this spring

IHEA speakers provide recent changes and updates to NFPA 86. (Courtesy: IHEA)

Spring has sprung and the Industrial Heating Equipment Association calendar is filled with events for everyone. If you are involved in the industtrial thermprocess industry, join peers and training experts at one of IHEA’s events to enhance your skills, increase your knowledge, and stay on top of the most current trends. Complete details and registration information for all IHEA’s upcoming events are at: www.ihea.org/events. 

Fundamentals of Industrial Process Heating Online Course

April 15 – May 26  |  6-week course

The online course offers the opportunity to keep current with industrial process heating in the comfort and convenience of your own workplace or home. The course is designed to give flexibility as well as interaction with an instructor and forums to communicate with other students.

This course provides an overview of the fundamentals of heat transfer, fuels and combustion, energy use, furnace design, refractories, automatic control, and atmospheres as applied to industrial process heating.

Students will gain a basic understanding of heat transfer principles, fuels and combustion equipment, electric heating and instrumentation and control for efficient operation of furnaces and ovens in process heating.

Comments from students who have completed the course:

“Excellent knowledge of the course, instructor with an excellent and quick response.”

“I enjoyed participating in the discussion forums and found them to be a useful addition to the course material.”

Industry expert and registered professional engineer Jack Marino will lead students in this 6-week online course. Jack has more than 40 years’ experience in the heat-processing business. Marino’s knowledge and experience offers invaluable resources that online students can access throughout the course.

Students earn PDHs for passing the course. For a complete listing of the course topics, go to www.ihea.org/event/FundamentalsSpring19.

Bryan Baesel presents important information on safety equipment to attendees in industrial manufacturing. (Courtesy: IHEA)

NFPA 86 Updates Seminar

May 14

Fabricators & Manufacturers Association  |  Elgin, Illinois

Join IHEA for this new, one-day seminar that will highlight the recent changes to NFPA 86. If you already have a good knowledge of NFPA 86, this seminar will be a great overview and review of an in-depth summary of the recent changes to the standard and how they affect you. If you are not familiar with NFPA 86, IHEA will conduct the complete 2-day Safety Standards & Codes Seminar this fall in Cleveland (details coming soon).

Noteworthy updates to the following areas:

  • Furnace heating systems.
  • Safety equipment and application.
  • Programmable logic controller systems.
  • Safety shutoff valves.
  • Safety controls and devices.
  • Commissioning, operations, maintenance, inspection, testing, and auditing.

Instructors for this course are industry experts and committee members involved in the discussions and changes to NFPA 86.

Veteran speaker Aaron Zoeller with SCC said, “NFPA 86 has been the standard in the U.S. for industrial combustion applications since the mid-1900s. It is updated every three to four years to remain relevant with current technologies. While some guidelines have remained consistent for years, new technology in burner controls, PLCs, radiant tubes, etc., has brought important changes in the 2019 edition. Anyone working in the industry should educate themselves on the changes each time a new edition is released.”

Kevin Carlisle, Karl Dungs

Kevin Carlisle is the quality manager at Karl Dungs, Inc, a manufacturer of combustion controls such as safety shutoff valves, limit controls, valve proving systems, primary safety controls, and pressure reducing regulators. For the past 20 years, he has been involved in codes and standards such as NFPA 86 “Ovens and Dyers,” CSD-1 “Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers,” and CSA B149.3 “Field Approval of Fuel-Related Components on Appliances and Equipment,” and he is IHEA’s voting representative on the NPFA 86 technical committee and the Safety Standards and Codes committee chairman. In addition, he is the company’s representative for site investigations. Carlisle holds a BS in Chemistry with ACS Certification from the University of Madison-Wisconsin.

Bryan Baesel, Honeywell Combustion Safety (formerly CEC)

Baesel is a mechanical engineer who specializes in the design and field inspection of combustion equipment. He is a member of NFPA 85 and NFPA 86 along with several Fortune 100 combustion program teams. Prior to joining CEC, Baesel worked at a foundry and for a natural gas utility.

Franklin Switzer, S-afe, Inc.

Switzer is the owner/president of S-afe, Inc., an independent consulting firm specializing in design, safety and code training, and auditing and testing of industrial combustion systems. Switzer graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology and earned his MBA from Anderson University. He started his career with Dresser-Rand Co. then worked at Maxon Corp. for 12 years before he founded S-afe, Inc. in 2002.

Switzer serves as a committee member on NFPA 54 (National Fuel Gas Code), NFPA 85 (Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Code), NFPA 86 (Ovens & Furnaces), NFPA 87 (Recommended Practice for Fluid Heaters), and ASME CSD-1 (Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers). In addition, Switzer is serving as chairman of the newly developed and released NFPA 56 (Standard for Fire and Explosion Prevention During Cleaning and Purging of Flammable Gas Piping Systems).

Aaron Zoeller, Siemens Combustion Controls, Inc (SCC)

Zoeller is the director of Sales for SCC in the Americas. SCC holds seats on the NFPA 85 and NFPA 86 standard committees, and Zoeller is an active member of IHEA’s Safety Standards & Codes committee. For nearly 20 years, he has focused on burner, fuel train, and combustion controls system design and support in industrial combustion applications. Prior to joining Siemens in 2010, Zoeller worked in engineering and sales for a major burner OEM. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

For complete details and registration information, go to www.ihea.org/event/NFPAUpdate

IHEA Celebrates 90 Years at the 2019 Annual Meeting

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time. Don’t miss what promises to be one of our most memorable annual meetings ever as IHEA celebrates 90 years of giving back to the industrial heating industry!

For complete program and registration details, go to: www.ihea.org/event/AM19.

IHEA 2019 Calendar of Events

April 15–May 26

Fundamentals of Industrial Process Heating | On-Line Distance Learning Course (six weeks)

April 29–May 1

IHEA 2019 Annual Meeting

Lido Beach Resort | Sarasota, Florida

The Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) will celebrate its 90th anniversary at the 2019 Annual Meeting. Complete meeting details and registration information can be found at www.ihea.org.

For details on IHEA events, go to www.ihea.org/events