Member spotlight: Chiz Bros. provides exceptional customer service and engineering expertise

Chiz Bros. focuses on providing electrically heated ceramic fiber modules, and it can provide a turnkey package of an electric elements system and additional refractory to meet any furnace requirements.

Chiz Bros. Refractory & Insulation Specialists is excited to become a member of IHEA this year. Founded in 1968, the company began as a contractor in the steel industry in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its current focus is ceramic fiber insulation for industrial furnaces, and it specializes in ceramic fiber blanket and board, modules, insulating fire brick, high-temperature gaskets, and engineered drawings. Chiz Bros. make shipments across the country, and 85 percent of the company’s products are made in the U.S.

With 35 employees, Chiz Bros. is a family-owned company that provides exceptional customer service and engineering expertise. It serves a multitude of industries, including steel, glass, heat treating, aluminum, power generation, and ceramics. The company provides engineered drawings for its projects, and it maintains a large inventory at its warehouses in Pittsburgh and Detroit for emergency deliveries.

Chiz Bros. prides itself in evolving with the heat-treating industry as customers move toward electrically heated furnaces. The company focuses on providing electrically heated ceramic fiber modules, and it can provide a turnkey package of an electric elements system and additional refractory to meet any furnace requirements.

Chiz Bros. looks forward to growing as a company and expanding into other cities, but it will continue to ensure that it stays loyal to its family business roots and to always put the customer first.

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Member spotlight  » Combustion 911

Combustion 911 specializes in parts for combustion systems, industrial burners,
and more

Great customer service is going the extra mile as a matter of course. It means real people answering the phone, replying to emails within 24 hours, and engaging on a human level. Giving your customer the opportunity to be the hero, sometimes because you showed them where to find the answer on their own, and maybe sometimes because you knew how to solve the problem from experience.

The goal of providing matchless customer service drives nearly everything Combustion 911 does, and it pays off even when the payoff isn’t immediate repeat business. Helping someone out of a jam is fulfilling and builds goodwill equity that your best customers carry for years. People reach out when they have some need, usually related to sourcing products for existing or new equipment, and they are sensitive to lead times and pricing.

When the market suffers due to lead times and discontinued products, Combustion 911 suffers, too. That’s why the company has worked hard to build direct relationships with manufacturers who may not have a presence in North America, providing unlooked-for alternative product streams and doing the work to get necessary approvals. These partnerships allow the company to ensure the quality of the products it sells, to maintain direct communication with the manufacturers regarding deliveries and technical support, and to keep prices fair and competitive.

Of course, people contact Combustion 911 for other reasons too, such as installation support or questions regarding the workings of a product they’ve just received or have owned for years. The company can usually handle these questions quickly and remotely, though it certainly supports and services its products on site when needed. Combustion 911 is always working on new resources to make it easier to size valves according to actual project variables, to visualize manufacturer-suggested installation guidelines and best practices, and to offer easy-to-follow troubleshooting advice.

Positioning itself to best serve its customers means paying attention to changes in emissions requirements, safety standards, and market trends. Therefore, becoming active members of IHEA is an important step for Combustion 911 as it continues to refine its approach.

In the 16 years since it has opened its doors, Combustion 911 has had the opportunity to work with many of the companies currently active in IHEA. Membership is therefore an opportunity to work together in new ways and gain fresh perspectives on issues that affect everyone.

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March 20–24
IHEA 2024 Annual Meeting

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March 28
Sustainability & Decarbonization Webinar Series — Hydrogen Basics

This webinar will present the basics of hydrogen, a general comparison to natural gas as well as its combustion characteristics. Attendees will learn burner and system considerations as they relate to burner design, flame detection, air fuel ratio (stoichiometry), and control/safety components.

April 8–May 19
Fundamentals of Industrial Process Heating Online Course

This course is designed to give the student a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of heat transfer within an industrial furnace and the associated losses and the operation of a heating source either as fuel combustion or electricity.

Course Fees: $775 IHEA members / $950 non-members

April 18
Sustainability & Decarbonization Webinar Series — Making Decisions: Gas vs. Electric

May 16
Sustainability & Decarbonization Webinar Series — Increasing Available Heat to Lower CO2

This webinar will review the proven methods for heat recovery and emissions reduction and their applicability to processes where fuel savings and/or production increases have not previously justified their implementation.

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