Blue M Ships mechanical convection ovens

The exterior of these Blue M convection ovens is all-welded heavy gauge reinforced cold-rolled steel. (Courtesy: Thermal Product Solutions)

Thermal Product Solutions, a global manufacturer of thermal-processing equipment, has shipped three Blue M mechanical convection ovens to a company in the semiconductor industry.

These Blue M convection ovens have a designated temperature range of 15°C above ambient to 250°C. The interior of the work chambers has a dimension of 22 W x 50 D x 55 H. The spacious chambers will allow for epoxy curing. The interior of the ovens is all-welded heavy gauge, reinforced type 304 stainless steel for maximum heat and corrosion resistance. The exterior of the ovens is all-welded heavy gauge reinforced cold-rolled steel. The doors use ball-bearing hinges and industrial type latching to provide positive door seal and minimize fume leakage.

There are three main components to the control system which control the temperature ramp/soak capability, alarms, and events.

“These particular ovens have a direct drive ball bearing motor for heating and air delivery system featuring a balanced stainless steel multi-bladed blower wheel. The heating elements use Nichrome wire strung through high temperature, high dielectric strength refractory disks,” said Jonathan Young, product manager.