Premier/BeaverMatic Receives Order for IQF Furnace Line


Premier Furnace Specialists/BeaverMatic received an order for a complete (IQF) furnace line for a repeat BeaverMatic customer in the oil-field related industry. This order consists of a new internal quench furnace, temper furnace, spray/dunk washer, low-temperature industrial oven, 1,500 CFH endothermic generator, and manual load cart. All new equipment is designed to match existing equipment with 30" x 48"x 26" loads weighing 1,500 pounds while using standard "Beaver" baskets.

The control system is configured to allow for automated and manual sequencing, recipe management, and digital data collection. Current design meets AMS 2750 E, NEC, and current NFPA guidelines. This design allows for updates to existing equipment for installation of the future SCADA system. Construction will be complete in August 2017.