Member spotlight: Karl Dungs markets combustion controls

Dungs recently expanded its facility in Blaine, Minnesota, to allow for more space for larger systems. (Courtesy: Dungs)

Karl Dungs, Inc, a subsidiary of Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG, was established in 1997 as the Dungs sales channel for the North American market. Dungs brought into the North American market combustion controls for gas-fired applications that included the DMV family of safety shutoff valves, gas and air pressure switches, regulators, and other accessory items required for safe combustion. Most recently, Karl Dungs, Inc. took over sales channel responsibility for Central and South America; Now, the subsidiary handles the entire Americas region.

During the early years, Dungs USA primarily focused on low temperature air heating applications, which included automotive paint finishing, textiles, and food.

Dungs modular products quickly became accepted in these low-temperature applications as the product of choice and is considered the standard of the industry still today.

Number of employees.

40 in the Americas region with 20-plus independent representatives across the same area.

Major industries served.

Food, metals, paint finishing, textiles, and environmental.

When people hear your company name, what should come to mind?

Service, Service, Service. We started our brand in the U.S. with the idea that we could provide excellent customer service as a differentiator. We have a huge inventory of parts for various applications and code requirements, and we offer customization of products to meet specific customer specifications.

What benefits/advantages do your products/services provide?

All Dungs products sold in North America are manufactured at our parent facility in Urbach, Germany. Dungs manufactures the DMV dual safety shutoff valve, MVD & SV single shutoff valves, FRI/FRS/FRM gas pressure regulators, GAO/GMH/GML gas pressure switches, VPS/VDK valve proving systems, AA air pressure switches, and the MPA flame safety along with other accessory items for the Americas Industrial Heat Processing market. Our flexible designs and modular assembly capabilities provide the most compact functional product for most all applications. Most recently, Dungs introduced the MBE (Multi-Bloc version E) product to the Americas region — which brings us into the higher BTU burner capacity ranges (up to 6-inch diameter).

The new Dungs MBE, available in 1 1/2” to 6” sizes, is a motor operated dual safety shutoff valve with optional electronic regulator. (Courtesy: Dungs)

What specific types of technology are signature to your company and why?

Dungs is widely known in the low-temperature industrial heating market for our compact modular assemblies. These assemblies provide all of the pressure, flow, and safety requirements of a gas train in a modular form saving precious space and overall cost for the customer.

What are some special points of interest, some details of products specific to your company, and some details of product capabilities?

The new Dungs MBE, available in 1 1/2” to 6” sizes, is a motor operated dual safety shutoff valve with optional electronic regulator. The MBE is designed to allow the mounting of all of the standard Dungs modular items including the valve proving systems, pressure switches, gauges, and other accessories. The MBE uses a pressure sensor downstream to provide a feedback signal to the regulating actuator allowing the actuator to open and close to provide a constant pressure downstream during changes in flow. This design is the first of its kind to be UL approved as an electronic regulating device for use on larger burner systems.

What makes your company unique?

Dungs is synonymous with quality. Our German engineered products and highly automated assembly processes with end-of-line product testing provide for the ultimate in product quality.

Have there been any changes/acquisitions/special projects that have taken place over the past year?

The UL approval and sales release of the MBE has been the most significant event over the past year for Dungs USA. The product was introduced officially during the 2020 pandemic, which provided many challenges with the introduction, but the expectations are high for the product to reach much more customers in 2021.

What plans are in store for the company? How do you see the company evolving over the next five to 10 years?

Dungs is focusing a lot of R&D attention on electronics and smart technology as well as hydrogen-ready products. We understand the need for monitoring and predictive maintenance capability as well as the shift to hydrogen for minimizing our carbon footprint in the future.

Any additional points of interest about your company?

Most recently, Dungs has expanded our facility in Blaine, Minnesota, to allow for more space for larger systems. This allows us to provide full gas train packages with wiring and all necessary controls fully factory tested before being shipped to the customer.


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