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Hybrid Forging: Advances in Open Die and Closed Die Forging

Today’s high-strength material users are increasingly obliged by everyday economic and competitive realities to seek alternatives to their current manufacturing […]

Detrimental Effects of Sulfur on Transverse Impact Properties in Steel Forgings

Anyone who has supplied or processed forgings for the power generation, oil and gas, or shipbuilding industries, among others, is […]

Improved Materials and Enhanced Fatigue Resistance for Gear Components

For decades, the gear industry has addressed the challenge to produce high-performance components in a cost-effective manner. To meet design […]

Ion Nitriding of Ferrous and Titanium Alloys for Gear Applications

Thermochemical surface engineering is effective in improving the performance of various gears made of ferrous alloys [1-5]. The cost of […]

A Time-Compressed Numerical Approach for Thermal Analysis of Preheating Process in Powder Metallurgy

Introduction Recent developments have been made in the field of powder metallurgy of materials to obtain advanced properties as compared […]

Enhanced Properties of 17-7 PH Stainless Steel

Background Precipitation-hardening (PH) stainless steel grade 17-7 PH is classified as a semiaustenitic stainless steel used extensively in aerospace and […]

Rapid Stress Relief and Tempering

Stress relief and tempering are important processes, but they are still conducted much as they have been for the past […]

How to Avoid Heat Treatment Problems When Launching New Gear Programs

So you’ve just secured an exciting new gear-manufacturing project and it’s time to start production planning. Heat treatment, such as […]

Castalloy Corp.

Castalloy has been a producer of high alloy abrasion, corrosion and heat resistant commercial castings for more than 30 years. […]