Q&A with Richard Slattery

Vice President, Engineering with Capstan Atlantic


What are your duties with Capstan Atlantic?

My essential duties include managing: design and development, engineering, R&D ,and specific laboratory functions, in addition to supporting marketing efforts to facilitate company growth.

What products and services does Capstan Atlantic offer?

Capstan offers a wide variety of custom engineered products using powder metallurgy technology. We offer a mix of material/process systems targeting the more precise applications in the marketplace with difficult to achieve material properties, often targeting conversions from wrought steel. These technologies can be particularly useful when converting high strength gears to PM from materials such as AISI 8620.

What are Capstan Atlantic’s goals as they pertain to the heat-treating industry?

Capstan offers many different hardening methods to the end user. These include:

  • Sinter-hardening (atmosphere quenched) and through hardening.
  • Carburizing (quench and temper) case or through hardening.
  • Induction hardening — localized regional hardening.
  • Stress relieving/annealing.
  • Steam treatment (black oxide sealing).

We are also evaluating additional hardening technologies to offer to the market.

This is a 60-foot-long continuous belt furnace consisting of three zones: pre-heat 1,550°F, high heat 2,075°F, and cooling zone. In the first zone, the lubricant is removed (burnt out of) from the powder and slight particle bonding occurs; in the high heat zone, the alloying constituents, i.e. copper, nickel, molybdenum, diffuse into the iron base, and full particle bonding is achieved. Finally, the cooling chamber “cool down rate” can be varied to achieve the desired component hardness. (Courtesy: Capstan Atlantic)

What are some of Capstan Atlantic’s proudest achievements?

Capstan is a frequent award winner in the Annual MPIF (Metal Powder Industries Federation) Powder Metallurgy Design Competition — for unique, innovative components.

We also recently completed a plant expansion increasing manufacturing capacity by 40 percent to produce large, complex multi-level components.

We enjoy a first-class workforce that understands the concept of “customer” and does everything to ensure that our customers remain satisfied at all times.

We are also recently registered to the latest IATF 16949 Quality Standard and ISO 9001; 2015 Quality Standard.

Employee-driven continuous improvement is key to our success in meeting aggressive quality objectives.

What sets Capstan Atlantic apart when it comes to what you can offer a customer?

Capstan’s reputation for being a top-rated PM supplier as it relates to customer collaboration, product design, component precision, and product quality is unsurpassed in our industry. Shipping perfect quality product, on time, to our customers is what drives us. Our customer satisfaction, as measured by “customer scorecards,” reflects our core belief that happy customers are the key to our survival.

Where do you see the future of Capstan Atlantic and its place in the heat-treating industry?

In our new expansion, Capstan is facilitized to install a minimum of six new furnaces. These include accelerated cooling furnaces for sinter-hardening, continuous belt tempering, and continuous belt steam treating (black oxide sealing) as well as newer technologies that we are currently exploring.

We look forward to significant growth over the coming years as we introduce newer technologies to the marketplace.

For more information: www.capstanatlantic.com