Q&A with Don Selmi

President | Premier Furnace


What is Premier’s mission?

To provide heat-treating systems that are dependable as well as innovative, with performance-proven technology that will enhance the physical properties and surface characteristics of a variety of materials as per customers’ requests.

How did Premier Furnace begin?

As a field service engineer 25 years ago, working on all types of furnaces, I recognized some design flaws or ways to improve performance with better components or manufacturing. I founded the company in 1999. The name ‘Premier’ seemed appropriate, as that has always been our goal — to build premier furnaces.

What products and services does Premier offer?

Premier/BeaverMatic offers a variety of heat-processing products as well as service and spare parts. We are well respected in the industry, with internal quench furnaces, tip-up, manipulators, quenching systems, car bottom, box, temper, roller hearth, belt, pusher, spray/dunk washers, endothermic and exothermic gas generators, transfer carts, and many custom systems. We offer 24/7 field service on most major furnace systems, carry many in-stock spare parts, and provide technical advice.

What are some of Premier’s proudest achievements?

The world’s largest internal quench furnace; a patent on a wax removal system for a major aerospace company with repeat orders from the same company; air-cooled heat-zone fans, no water required; and numerous car bottoms and tip-up systems with loads exceeding 100,000 pounds.

What sets Premier Furnace apart when it comes to what you can offer a customer?

  • Low initial/installed cost
  • Engineered for reliability to maximize your “up” time.
  • Heat recovery systems that cut energy costs.
  • Proven air-cooled fan design.
  • Improved control-interfacing computer systems with PLC to monitor and record all heat-treat functions. Incorporate SCADA systems.
  • Standardized spare parts.
  • Simplified design for ease of operation, smooth load transfer, minimum maintenance.
  • No water required with our air-cooled fan.
  • Operation manual with all necessary electrical and mechanical drawing and spare parts list.

Where do you see Premier in the next 10 years?

As we continue our growth, we expect to be the furnace manufacturer of choice. This will be done with our repeat orders and many years of customer satisfaction. It requires innovative designs and using latest mechanical/electrical components that are on the market today, while keeping our customers’ future in mind.

If you could brag about one thing about Premier, what would it be?

Our name says it all, and this is backed by our customers’ use of our performance-proven designs. We could have used other names, such as chief, leading, primary, supreme, or topline because we are the top of the line in thermal-processing systems.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.premierfurnace.com or www.beavermatic.com