Shougang places another major order with Tenova LOI Thermprocess

Two of seven previously delivered heat-treatment plants for electrical steel to Shougang. (Courtesy: Tenova LOI Thermprocess)

In December 2019, the Chinese company Shougang Qian’an Electrical Vehicle Steel Co., Ltd. signed another order with Tenova LOI Thermprocess, a global company in the field of heat-treatment plants based in Germany.

The order includes the heat-treatment portion (furnace system) for two annealing and coating lines (ACL) for non-grain-oriented (NGO) electrical strip.

The two furnace systems, for which the basic design is almost complete, bear the internal designation SACL 7 & 8 and will meet the highest requirements for the production of non-grain-oriented electrical steel. As is well known, they are at the core of every treatment line for electrical steel with a special and exact temperature control, changing gas compositions, a precisely working slow and fast cooling system as well as an automated working method that is as model-based as possible.

The scope of the contract includes engineering, the largely turnkey delivery of all furnace-related key components, as well as supervision of assembly and commissioning including training. In addition to the electrical equipment belonging to the furnaces, the control components as well as the associated software and a mathematical furnace management model are also supplied. Local provision and support are provided by Tenova Technologies Tianjin Co. Ltd., a Tenova’s subsidiary in China.

The large number of references for comparable systems, the short implementation time, and the proven mathematical model were important factors that led Shougang to choose LOI-technology. Shougang has been successfully operating seven modern lines for the heat treatment of electrical steel (GO) for years, where the heat-treatment part has always been supplied by Tenova LOI (2x APL, 3x DCL, 2x FCL und 3x MBAF).

In the period 2000-2020, Tenova has received 61 orders for heat-treatment systems for electrical steel. Thirty-five plants are completely new plants. In the past ten years, LOI Thermprocess has been selected seven times as a supplier for annealing and coating systems for the heat treatment of dynamo strip. This means that Tenova LOI has a market share of almost 100 percent for new systems of this type.

Shougang Qian’an Electrical Vehicle Steel Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Chinese company Shougang Iron & Steel based in Beijing, China. It is one of the major steel companies in China and one of the three largest electrical sheet producers in the country.