Premier/BeaverMatic manufactures another IQF furnace line


A major manufacturer and supplier for oilfield logistics services has expanded to a new facility located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This company is expanding its capabilities for the manufacture, service, and repair of a variety of oilfield-related equipment such as manufacture of drilling tools, machine shop repair services, lifting equipment inspection services, fluid sealing gasket products, slotted liners, specialized welding, hard metal applications, and more. Its latest investment was with Premier/BeaverMatic heat-treating equipment, to meet the delivery for the many high-quality parts and components listed above. With this new expansion, they will become a unique ‘client-focused upstream services provider,’ and the manufacturer/supplier for many quality products for the oil, gas, energy, and process industries.

The primary challenge was to meet the need of growth with expansion through their heat-treating department. To match existing heat-treating equipment, and after many years of proven performance of existing BeaverMatic products, the solution was the purchase of another complete line of Premier/BeaverMatic atmospheric heat-treating equipment. The expansion includes a Premier/BeaverMatic Internal Quench Furnace including high-efficiency SER heating system, quench oil cooling and centrifugal separation systems, Premier/Beaver Ram transfer system, and front load table; Premier/BeaverMatic temper furnace; Premier/BeaverMatic drying oven; Premier/BeaverMatic spray and dunk washer, Premier/BeaverMatic endothermic gas generator; data collection system; and a manual load transfer cart. The complete system is capable of processing 30” wide by 48” long by 26” high workloads, which weigh up to 1,500 pounds. 

By acquiring this Premier/BeaverMatic heat-treating system, this major oil field supplier will be able to service its customers around the world with quick, responsive production requirements. Creative and fluid engineering and ideas provide cost-effective, solid solutions.

BeaverMatic is a manufacturer of standard, custom batch, and continuous heat-treating equipment used domestically and worldwide in the commercial heat-treating, oil field, aerospace, automotive, fastener, gear, tool and die, and wind-power industries. 

This supply center also has a strong manufacturing orientation with its focus on the upstream industry, but also manufactures pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and skid-mounted gas compression packages for both oil and gas and process industries.

In addition to equipment for drilling-related activities, this company also manufactures complete assemblies including, but not limited to, liner hangers, liner packers, by-pass cement manifolds, and anchors. This supply center has 1,300 worldwide employees and net assets of more than 1.2 billion Arab Emirates Dirham.