Lindberg/MPH ships electrically heated cyclone pit furnace


Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an electrically heated cyclone pit furnace to a steel heat-treater. This is a repeat customer for Lindberg/MPH and the pit furnace will replace an existing Lindberg furnace at the buyer’s facility. The cyclone pit furnace will be used for a heat-treating process on aircraft components.

The maximum temperature rating for this electric pit furnace is 1250ºF. The work chamber has a 38” diameter x 48” depth and is constructed with an alloy liner backed with 7 inches of block insulation. The customer requested tight temperature uniformity and this design met a +/-10ºF temperature uniformity throughout the qualified work zone.

The top-load furnace features a thermo cartridge recirculating fan and solid wall baffle for uniform heat distribution. The furnace fan uses a centrifugal blower type alloy blade and a 5HP motor with belt and pulley drive system. The steel outer shell is constructed from heavy-gauge steel plate reinforced with structural steel members.

“Ease of use and maintenance is always a top priority when we engineer equipment. This new Lindberg/MPH design features a maintenance-friendly fan and motor assembly to provide reliable and easy maintenance when needed,” said Kenneth Zielke, sales engineer.

Unique features of this Lindberg/MPH cyclone pit furnace include:

  • Alloy liner protects work chamber from high velocity flow and prevents damage while loading/unloading
  • Easily replaceable heater plug assembly
  • Recirculating fan with variable frequency drive
  • Temperature uniformity of +/-10ºF
  • Workload support for customer’s baskets or fixtures
  • Lid limit switch