Ipsen USA finishes fourth quarter of  2017 strong


With a strong fourth-quarter finish, Ipsen USA continues to provide heat-treating solutions to customers worldwide. Recently, 15 furnaces shipped to eight states in the United States, as well as Asia and Europe, to support customers in additive manufacturing, aerospace, commercial heat treating, medical and MIM industries.

The shipments included:

  • Nine TITAN® vacuum furnaces, including three TITAN DS (debinding and sintering) units, two TITAN LT (low temperature) units and several H2- and H6-sized furnaces, all equipped with PdMetrics® predictive maintenance software.
  • Three horizontal MetalMaster® vacuum furnaces, each with a work zone of 36” (910 mm) x 30” (762 mm) x 48” (1219 mm) and load capacity of 2,000 pounds (907 kg).
  • Two horizontal TurboTreater® furnaces.
  • One vacuum aluminum brazing furnace with a 1500-pound (680 kg) load capacity and an all-metal, radiation-shielded hot zone for the aerospace industry.

Several of these customers also took advantage of Ipsen’s support offerings such as Ipsen U training, spare parts kits, installation, and startup assistance. A few furnaces shipped to repeat customers and one customer received two furnace orders.

To best support such diverse industries and needs around the world, Ipsen’s Global Support Team facilitates system installations, as well as provides expert training, startup assistance, and 360° support throughout the entire lifespan of the equipment.

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