Bodycote Swedish site earns Nadcap HIP accreditation


Bodycote, the world’s largest provider of heat-treatment and specialist thermal processing services, is pleased to announce that its Surahammar, Sweden, Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) location has earned its Nadcap accreditation.

The Surahammar site has been producing Powdermet® Near Net Shape (NNS) and Selective Surface Net Shape (SSNS) components for many years, using its long experience of manufacturing complex, high-integrity components from powder metal to serve markets such subsea, oil and gas, marine, nuclear, tool steel, and automotive.

Bodycote HIP now has nine Nadcap-accredited sites globally positioned to serve the world’s aerospace prime manufacturers and their first-tier suppliers with additional HIP capacity to meet the demands of the future growth in the new aircraft programs to come.

Bodycote HIP serves clients globally, operating in markets as diverse as medical, power generation, marine, and electronics with both HIP services and Powdermet technologies. The recently launched Powdermet technologies incorporate new, patent-pending techniques that combine 3D printing with well-established net shape and NNS techniques. This new technology dramatically reduces the manufacturing time and production cost of a part compared to producing the same part using 3D printing alone.

Bodycote operates with the world’s largest network of HIP equipment and continues to invest, recognizing the growing demand for HIP technology. Having established industry expertise over decades, Bodycote has more than 50 HIP vessels of varying sizes in multiple locations. Processing capability can accommodate components which are nominally up to 2m diameter by 3.5 m high; and weighing 0.1kg to over 30,000kg. In addition to standard quality and environmental accreditations, Bodycote’s HIP facilities also hold ASTM and NORSOK accreditations.