25 Years of MVD treatment on thermowells


Thermocouple Technology in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, is celebrating 25 years of the product MVD Tungsten Carbide Treatment for thermowells, protection tubes, and other critical components.

The product is a MVD Tungsten Carbide Treatment that is used to create a stronger, longer-lasting product. The tungsten carbide is fused with the thermowell material and becomes an integral part of the mass of the well, resulting in a new, substantially harder and more durable application. The treatment is specially designed for applications in highly abrasive/erosive environments where the temperature range is ambient to 1800° F and is capable to withstand temperatures up to 2300° F.     

Thermocouple Technology introduced the MVD treatment option for its products in 1992 and has experienced a huge demand since. The MVD Treatment increases the life of thermowells, protection tubes, and other critical components by two to four times the normal lifespan. The product is best used in environments such as: power plant pulverizes, pulverized coal ducts, fluidized coal bed reactors, sludge dryers, and more.

Thermocouple Technology uses this superior design upon request and is capable of treating applications for almost all customized pieces.

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