Houghton International Maximizes Machining Efficiencies and Reduces Operational Costs for Manufacturers


In order to maximize efficiency, today’s machine shops and manufacturing centers require metalworking fluids that can work in many applications and on a wide variety of metals. Houghton International’s Hocut® and Cerfa-Kleen® metal cutting and metal cleaning fluids are the right choice for manufacturers seeking to improve their plant operations while adding to their bottom line.

Cerfa-Kleen® 5354 is a bio-stable, non-nitrited spray cleaner that can be used to remove light soils, including soluble coolants, metal forming compounds and shop soils. It works on a wide variety of alloys, and can be used at ambient temperatures to dramatically reduce energy costs. Cerfa-Kleen 5354 contains rust inhibitors that prevent flash rusting of machinery, and it provides short-term, in-plant rust inhibition.

Houghton also offers Cerfa-Kleen® 5334, a mild alkaline liquid soak or spray cleaner that removes lapping compounds, polishes, grinding fluids and shop soils from ferrous, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and zinc alloys. Cerfa-Kleen 5334 is free-rinsing and will not leave a residue that can affect finishing operations such as plating.

Hocut® 795-B is an aerospace-approved machining and grinding fluid for use with all metals. This coolant is compatible with hard water and is optimally bio-stable, which assures long, odor-free sump life. Its bio-stability also reduces dependency on costly sump-side additives. Because it is low-foaming and runs clean, Hocut 795-B reduces disposal costs for manufacturers, resulting in less downtime and more operator acceptance. Additionally, it provides improved part finish, minimizing overall costs through reduced rework and scrap rates. Hocut® 400-K and Hocut® 795-H are heavy-duty, chlorine-free machining and grinding fluids that help manufacturers gain cost-efficiencies by reducing the number of different metalworking fluids in their inventory. Because they can be used on many metals, they remove the need for changeover, promoting decreased downtime. These coolants provide in-process corrosion protection for machinery and parts without staining, and they extend tool life by offering good lubrication for machine ways and indexing mechanisms.
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