CAS Dataloggers

Data Loggers for Oven temperature monitoring.

CAS Datalogger supplies devices that aid manufacturers and heat treaters to ensure that their equipment is operating within specification to aid quality control in the production process.  Whether a fixed, batch oven or a continuous conveyor fed oven, CAS Datalogger has data loggers that can traverse the process using thermal barriers as well as stationary data loggers with temperature probes that extend into the heating chambers to monitor the oven temperatures as well as the surface temperatures of the parts.

A variety of devices with connectivity options which include wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and point to point radio allow for temperature measurement across the full material process flow.  Some data loggers have Serial or MODbus interfaces, which allow recording controller parameters or other environmental parameters like humidity, air flow, and barometric pressure, which can provide further insight into the process.

With network interface, the data loggers can e-mail out of tolerance alerts or push data files autonomously to archive servers and provide users real-time visualization of the process parameters locally or remotely.