More than 70 ye­ars ex­pe­ri­ence in spe­cial sys­tems en­gi­nee­ring

KGO has more than 70 years of experience in making all kinds of steel constructions, from furnace housings for the industrial thermal treatment of steel components to the innovative and individual engineering of installations for thermal processing applications like those found in environmental and process engineering.

Ther­mopro­ces­sing sys­tems made to mea­su­re

With our production depth and integrated microprocessor control, we provide long-lasting, made-to-measure thermoprocessing technologies with a quality guarantee. Our expertise ranges from engineering services and production to the delivery, installation and commissioning of systems.

We develop customer-specific purpose-built systems for the following thermoprocessing applications:




-Various tempering processes

-Various annealing processes

-Gas carburizing

-Tempering under protective gas with quench hardening in oil or salt

We assist you throughout the process, from planning your specific system to installation and commissioning. This means that our consulting service and the support we provide for all system-specific problems – even those affecting third-party systems – are just as important as our systems engineering.