Brazecom Industries LLC

Brazecom Industries was founded in 2006 by Brandon Merron. Brandon has been in the metal joining and heat-treating industry for more than 20 years and holds a degree in Welding Technologies and Metallurgy. His expertise is in Waveguide and small component assemblies used in many different applications and industries.

Brazecom Industries offers a wide variety of metal joining technologies and heat treating processes. From commercial to military applications we can help you solve your most difficult brazing needs. Specializing in microwave components and assemblies, that often require dissimilar metals, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver you high quality parts at a competitive cost.

Services include:

  • Brazing and Soldering – filler materials include copper, silver, indium, gold and nickel
  • Vacuum Furnace and Heat Treating Pressure and Helium Leak Testing – pressures up to 500 psi and vacuum to1.0 x 10-9 cc he/sec
  • Sandblasting– medias include glass, soda and silicon carbide

Brazecom Industries also offers turnkey services from a “one off” prototype part up to large production runs, we have the ability to accommodate our customers.