XLE series box furnace shipped to aerospace leader

L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc., XLE series box furnace. (Courtesy: L&L Special Furnace Co.)

L&L Special Furnace Company has shipped a floor-standing box furnace used for ceramic coating applications in the aerospace industry to a leader in the coating industry located in eastern Canada.

The L&L Model XLE214 is used for curing and bonding ceramic coatings to various steel bodies primarily deployed in the aerospace industry. This process provides extra strength to aerospace parts that are subject to various heats and stresses under normal operating conditions.

The furnace has an effective work zone of 22” wide by 16” high by 20” deep. A horizontal door with ceramic hearth and support bricks is included to incorporate the customer’s loading system. Nickel-chrome elements are used in the furnace that are resistant to any potential contamination the process may cause. Heat shields provide a safe-to-touch case temperature under operating conditions.

The model XLE214 is controlled by a Eurotherm program control with overtemperature protection, chart recorder with jack panel, solid-state relays, and zone controls for balance of temperature gradients. Thermocouples, fusing and electrical interconnections are included. The furnace control circuit is completely tested to ensure proper operation prior to shipping.

The furnace case is sealed for use with inert atmosphere to help reduce oxygen impregnation with the parts. The furnace has a manual inert flow panel to control the inert gas flow into the oven.

The model XLE214 also includes a high-convection fan for uniformity of ±10°F/5.5°C above 500°F/260°C to 1,875°F/1,023°C. There is a 4-inch diameter venturi with a variable frequency drive to evacuate outgassing that occurs during the curing of the ceramics to the steel part. The system is completely automated through the program control logic.

All L&L furnaces can be configured with various options and be specifically tailored to meet customers’ thermal needs. The company also offers furnaces equipped with pyrometry packages to meet ASM2750F and soon-to-be-certified MedaCred guidelines.

Options include a variety of control and recorder configurations. A three-day, comprehensive startup service is included with each system within the continental United States and Canada. International startup and training service is available by factory quote.

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