TigTag™ provides barcode ID for high-temp environs


InfoSight Corporation is the world leader in traceability in harsh environments and continues to meet identification needs in a variety of industries. Automated reading of barcode labels has become standard for identifying and tracking products in almost every industry.

However, some environments are impossible for even the most robust labeling to survive. InfoSight has introduced a new tag, the TigTag™, to bring barcode labeling capabilities to environments in excess of 2,000°F (1,100°C). The TigTag is a new application of its CeramiCode™ line of high temperature tags.

This identification is well-suited for pieces that experience multiple cycles of temperatures in excess of 2,000°F (1,100°C) throughout their lifetime. 

TigTag is a CeramiCode high purity alumina ceramic plate mounted to a 316 Stainless Steel baseplate. The mounting technique is designed to permit rapid temperature cycling without stress on the ceramic plate. The TigTag can be attached to metals using small TIG or MIG welds. The 2” X 3” (50 mm X 76 mm) TigTag provides a high contrast barcode capable of surviving more than 2,000°F (1,100°C). Alphanumeric characters can also be included in the laser marked message.

The TigTag provides a large, scannable barcode for traceability of pieces that experience multiple cycles of extremely high temperatures such as annealing covers, kiln cars, high temperature molds, and rolls.

InfoSight has always been committed to providing identification and traceability in the most difficult environments.

MORE INFO  www.infosight.com or www.knovation.com/ceramiccode