PWR Performance Products Installs Controlled Atmosphere Brazing at Its U.S. Racing Facility


Expanding its plant capacity, PWR Performance Products adds a Seco/Warwick Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) System to manufacturer high-performance aluminum heat exchangers.

“The addition of this equipment is an important step in PWR Performance Products’s global strategy to expand our reach into the North American market with the new C&R Racing technology,” said Kees Weel, CEO and managing director at PWR Performance Products. “We purchased our first Seco/Warwick Brazing line 15 years ago for our facility in Australia as part of our overall manufacturing strategy to keep all operations in house for optimum quality control over all of our products. The Seco/Warwick brazing technology has operated with the reliable performance that we demand to produce high-quality product.”

Seco/Warwick will provide a complete CAB manufacturing cell that will include an inline dry-off oven and a radiation braze CAB furnace system equipped with patented Accubraze® process control technology. Installation is scheduled for the third quarter of 2017.

A Seco/Warwick Radiation CAB System is an ideal method for brazing similar-size products in a continuous flow environment. The furnace is designed to use a stainless steel muffle to contain the nitrogen atmosphere and provide uniform heating of the products. The heat input into the furnace chamber is proportionally controlled to heat the muffle, which, in turn, heats the products. Product results are consistently high, and fully automated material handling provides maximum efficiency with minimal operator intervention.