Modultherm from ALD-Holcroft: Automated Vacuum Furnace Systems Centered on Process Flexibility


ModulTherm is a highly flexible, fully automated concept in vacuum thermal processing technology. It combines high productivity with virtually unlimited flexibility, while reducing thermal treatment costs and ensuring the high quality you expect from vacuum processing.
ModulTherm combines three basics into one linked multi-chamber vacuum furnace system: heat treatment, quenching, and material handling. The quenching and hot vacuum transfer chambers are integrated into a rail-mounted shuttle module that can service two to 12 or more independent treatment chambers. This modular design makes it easy to adapt the system to meet your particular production requirements with direct integration into your manufacturing cells.

ModulTherm benchmarks the competition with several innovative features and options:

• Highest equipment availability (flexible and modular designs)
• 25% larger volume treatment chambers 2,200 lb gross load capacity on original system, 7,000 lb capacity on the new large size.
• Convective heating to reduce cycle times Identical “time-to-quench” for every load
• Reversible quenching gas flow improves uniformity and reduces distortion
• Dynamic quenching (also know as interrupted quench)

ModulTherm delivers cutting-edge enabling technology to give you a competitive advantage across a broad range of process applications. To learn more, visit, or call 248-668-4130.