Manufacturer expands with Seco/Warwick equipment

An aviation manufacturer in China has expanded production with equipment from Seco/Warwick. (Courtesy: Seco/Warwick)

A steady increase in global demand along with advances in precision technology capability has fueled the expansion of a major producer of aviation engines in China.

Seco/Warwick designed, manufactured, and commissioned a 25-kilogram (55 pounds) single crystal furnace and a 50-kilogram (110 pounds) equiax vacuum melting and casting furnace for the production of high quality, premium castings.

A third furnace is included in the recent purchase, adding a Seco/Warwick signature vacuum high-temperature gas quenching furnace to the production line to be used for scale and pollution-free thermal treatment of a wide variety of metals. Professional technical services are included to assure the smooth start-up and operation of the equipment.

In 2019 the company installed in Asia vacuum metallurgy equipment, including advanced JetCaster® technology, that is the first installation of this kind on the Chinese mainland. “Vacuum metallurgical equipment is manufactured for our customers all around the world, and is installed at the regions with the highest demand for high-melting and foundry technologies. Since 2006, Seco/Warwick Group offers comprehensive solutions and access to a wide range of in-house resources, including technology, material, and process development, enabling manufacturers expansion and improvement of production processes,” said Slawomir Woz´niak, Seco/Warwick Group CEO.

A 25-kilogram single crystal furnace is characterized by advanced Jet Caster technology for more efficient production of the castings with oriented or single crystal structure. The additional gas cooling in the JetCaster system is a result of cooperation between Seco/Warwick’s experts and scientists from finest universities, thus this single crystal furnace for aviation blades casting is the state-of-the-art technology. The furnace allows faster and more effective mass production process without any quality loss, which significantly increases the amount of manufactured parts per one work shift.

A 50-kilogram equiax vacuum melting and casting furnace was designed ideally for high-quality equiax castings. The furnace will be comprised of three chambers with two chambers stacked vertically, and separated by an isolation valve. The third chamber will be used for loading ingots into the furnace crucible and, to ease the production process, the furnace will be capable of direct melting in a crucible or using single shot liners.

A vacuum high temperature gas quench furnace will be used for scale-free and pollution-free thermal treatment, which will concern a wide range of materials, from superalloy through stainless steel or titanium alloy, ending with partial structural steel components.