Automotive Supplier Expands Salt-Quenching Capabilities


Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd. was recently awarded a contract to design and build a 1,500 lb/hr mesh-belt furnace system for the austenitizing and molten salt quenching of components used in the manufacture of the client’s drivetrain systems. This contract was awarded by a repeat client who has favored Can-Eng for several multi-facility heat-treatment lines.

The new system incorporates several technological advancements for continuous atmosphere processing of products requiring carbon diffusion and quenching via a molten salt system — known as austempering. It includes automated bin-dumping loading, mesh belt atmosphere hardening furnace, salt quench, post quench wash and rinse system, mesh belt temper oven, and endothermic gas generator.

This new project is a result of Can-Eng’s commitment to its customer’s success, years of teamwork, and mutual cooperation, yielding a custom engineering project integrating the customer’s focused needs with Can-Eng’s robust continuous mesh belt heat treatment system technology. The project is scheduled to be commissioned in early 2018 in Mexico’s centralized automotive manufacturing corridor. Can-Eng’s mesh belt heat-treatment design team continues to focus globally on the design and development of mesh belt heat-treatment technology, servicing the increasingly stringent and demanding global automotive industry. Can-Eng’s systems continue to lead the industry in up-time reliability, energy efficiency, and soft handling features delivering superior part cosmetics.