Company Profile: Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry

With its motto, “Profit from our knowledge because quality is our standard,” Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry keeps a laser focus on aerospace pyrometry compliance...
Kenneth Carter

Company Profile: Surface Combustion

For more than a century, Surface Combustion has shown a constant commitment to develop innovative technology, while nurturing long-standing relationships with heat treaters who...
Kenneth Carter

Case Study: Cost effective, low distortion...

Atmosphere carburizing of large outside diameter, thin wall internal helical ring gear.
Lonny Rickman

Extending Performance

Can sub-zero treatments give robotic gears a hand?
Akin Malas

Single-piece flow case hardening can be worked...

An operational system is introduced for a truly single-piece flow method of case hardening by low-pressure carburizing and high-pressure gas quench.
Maciej Korecki Ph.D. , Emilia Wolowiec-Korecka, Ph.D., D.Sc., Agnieszka...

Case Hardening Basics: Nitrocarburizing vs....

The terms sound alike and often cause confusion, but nitrocarburizing and carbonitriding are distinct heat-treating processes that have their advantages depending on the material...
Rob Simmons

Case Study: Conrad Kacsik and Modern Industries

Two companies partner together to complete a yearlong plant-wide upgrade of process controls for heat-treating equipment.
Molly J. Rogers

Company Profile: Lindberg/MPH

Despite being in business for more than a century, Lindberg/MPH has undergone a recent transformation to make sure it stays a leader in the heat-treating/non-ferrous melting...
Kenneth Carter

Company Profile: Ipsen

A broken-down pottery kiln, an engineering degree from Brown University, and an entrepreneurial spirit helped to successfully launch Ipsen as a global leader in the heat treatment...
Kenneth Carter

Hardening of Powder Metallurgy Parts 101

Definitions and hardening methods used with powder metallurgy are described to provide a basic understanding of the nuances associated with the process.
Richard H. Slattery

Vacuum Diffusion Pumps

With no moving parts, diffusion pumps become a durable and reliable tool for many industrial applications.
E.W. Whitney III

Induction Heat Treating: How to Shorten the Time...

Laboratory testing and validation at the inductor-manufacturer level can result in a fully characterized and proven inductor with process parameters and a metallurgical report.
Sandra J Midea, P.E.

Ensuring Effective Furnace Lining Efficiency

These five tips can help you maximize energy efficiency and minimize heat loss with effective insulation and furnace lining solutions.
Steve Chernack

Elemental Analysis of Metal Powders and Metal...

Because non-metallic elements influence the physical properties of metallic materials, quality control should include analysis of the raw material and the final product to measure...
Mike Lucka & Nico Masciantonio

Company Profile: Wisconsin Oven Corporation

By offering standard and custom-designed ovens to a wide spectrum of industries around the globe, Wisconsin Oven Corporation is a world-class supplier of thermal processing...
Kenneth Carter

Computerized Design of Straight Bevel Gears with...

The computerized generation of straight bevel gears with spherical involute profiles is developed and the advantages of its application investigated. Possible microgeometry...
Alfonso Fuentes-Aznar, Ignacio Gonzalez-Perez & Harish K. Pasapula

Gas Nitriding of Titanium

This preliminary study examines the effect of the partial pressure of nitrogen on case characteristics when gas nitriding titanium in a vacuum furnace.
Donald Jordan, FASM & Virginia Osterman

Infrared Temperature Measurement Theory and...

Infrared thermometers for non-contact temperature measurement are highly developed sensors that have widespread application in industrial processing and research. This paper...
John Merchant

Effects of the Composition of Ca-Rich Inclusions...

Comparing a Ca-treated carburizing steel grade to a standard steel grade, the role of non-metallic inclusions on the tool wear and PCBN cutting tool life in fine machining of...
Niclas Anmark & Thomas Bjork

Company Profile: Gasbarre Furnace Group

Gasbarre Furnace Group includes a powerful trio of furnace-building companies that includes Sinterite, C.I. Hayes, and J.L. Becker.

Case Study: Busch LLC and Vakuum-Harterei Petter...

Dry vacuum technology in heat treatment processes offers advantages for a contract hardening company.  

Understanding the Cooling Curve Test

In heat treating, the cooling curve test is often used as a tool to compare quenchants or as a method to ensure that the quenchant being used is suitable for continued use and...
D. Scott MacKenzie, Ph.D., FASM

Buying a New Lab or Industrial Furnace

Many considerations should be addressed when specifying a new electrical resistance heated furnace.
James Brocklehurst & Derrick Wilson

Efficient Gas Heating of Industrial Furnaces

Even though the price of natural gas is currently low, the investment in high-efficiency gas burners makes sense economically.
Steven R. Mickey