Wisconsin Oven Corporation

Wisconsin Oven Corporation is located in East Troy, Wisconsin, southwest of Milwaukee and northwest of Chicago. Our main manufacturing operations and various subsidiaries and divisions are housed in our complex of buildings located in the East Troy Business Park. Wisconsin Oven Corporation has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing industrial ovens and other heating equipment since 1973. Our custom and standard industrial ovens are used for a multitude of applications including heat treating, finishing, drying, or curing. Many of the industries we serve require specific temperature uniformity and equipment performance documentation. Our experienced design team is able to meet even the most stringent standards for our customers’ equipment.

“In business there are only a few ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. It is your people that can create the real difference, who can create the WOW experience. And the WOW experience is something that causes your customer to feel a positive tingle, to want to come back and back and back to you. At Wisconsin Oven our goal is to provide our customers with outstanding customer service. We want all our customers to experience the WOW. Our mission statement says it all:

AT Wisconsin Oven Corporation OUR Work Of Champions

Will Outperform Competition AND Win Our Customers With Ongoing Commitment.

Some talk the talk,

We WOC the walk!

At Wisconsin Oven Corporation our Champion employees create the WOW experience for our customers. They differentiate us from the competition by providing outstanding customer service that keeps our customers coming back again and again. Our customer testimonial page tells the story of why our customers keep choosing Wisconsin Oven as their industrial oven supplier. We realize that the success of our company depends on our Championship team of employees, which is why we have developed a company culture that recognizes and rewards our employees. More information regarding our employee appreciation program can be found on our Work of Champions page.

Wisconsin Oven is owned by Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), a leading American manufacturer of custom industrial ovens used for heat treating, finishing, drying, curing, manufacturing automation and process control. TPS is a global leader in thermal processing products and test solutions with brands including Baker Furnace, Blue M, Gruenberg, Lindberg/MPH, Lunaire, Tenney, and Wisconsin Oven. For more information on equipment solutions from TPS visit the website at www.thermalproductsolutions.com.