WS Thermal Process Technologies Inc.

WS is an owner operated enterprise that was founded in 1982 and specializes in highly efficient, low emission burner systems for industrial furnaces. The capabilities of WS range from research to engineering and design, production, sales and service worldwide.

Since the formation of the company in 1982 (just after the second oil crisis) WS has been a leader in the field of combustion research and burner development. A fully equipped combustion laboratory with highly motivated personnel insures maintaining this leadership role for the future. Besides test furnaces and experimental setups WS benefits from over 15 years of experience in using Computational Fluid Dynamics models.

The research activities are documented by several national and international research projects with many partners from academia and industry. WS members have published research papers and reviews and have been granted many patents. The most prominent example is flameless oxidation – FLOX® (registered trademark of WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH, Rennigen, Germany), which has earned worldwide recognition. In addition to combustion research WS was a pioneer in the application of new ceramic components of burner and radiant tube technology.

The Design Engineers at WS not only design burners, but often work in close cooperation with our customers to find the best solution for integrating WS burners into their equipment. The WS Design Department works closely together with the Sales Engineers, the WS Laboratory, the WS Production Team and of course, the customer.

State of the art 2D – and 3D CAD systems are used in designing new products. In addition to all the mechanical aspects, the electrical integration into the control system is also considered. The Design Department also prepares the documentation and keeps it up to date. This ensures the availability of burner spare parts even after many years of service.

WS manufactures its burners in-house so the experience of the personnel can insure the highest quality products. Because of the close proximity of the Production Department to the Design and Test Lab, WS can fullfill special customer requirements, even on short notice. The WS repair shop can upgrade older burners to the latest design even after being in service for several decades. Every burner whether new or repaired, is test fired. New and modified burners will receive a test certificate and a serial number which ensures that spare parts are available for a long time.

The team of Sales Engineers have a thorough understanding of the products in order to best serve the processes and needs of their customers. The focus of the WS Sales Engineers is not just sales but also offering technical advice while  providing the best technology and most economical solution for each customer. WS Representantives are available worldwide to provide direct technical support through our team of inhouse Sales Engineers.

WS knows how important plant availability is to their customers. Our Service Technicians and Service Engineers are in the field worldwide to start up and trouble shoot gas fired heating systems. WS offers tailored training classes for maintenance staff of customers. The hands on courses are taught at our research lab in Renningen or on site at the customer’s location. Depending on the customers requirements, WS offers classes on burner installation, start up, maintenance, trouble shooting and also theoretical background.

WS is an active member of FOGI (Research Association for Industrial Thermoprocessing Equipment).