Pacific Metallurgical Inc.

Pacific Metallurgical, Inc. is a single-source supplier for all your aerospace heat treating applications.

Pacific Metallurgical has catered heat treating services to local machine shops and the aerospace industry in the United States and around the globe since 1967. Pacific Metallurgical strongly believes innovation to be a vital element in our efforts to remain an industry leader. We have continually invested in new thermal process equipment and technologies, thus ensuring the most accurate monitoring and processing of every stage in the heat treating cycle.

If you are looking for heat treating companies in Washington state, Pacific Metallurgical is the Northwest leader in heat treatment services. We are Nadcap approved heat treaters, conveniently located in Kent, Washington.

Hardness Testing

  • Rockwell Hardness Testing
  • Microhardness Testing- (Knoop HK500, HK200)

Captive Laboratory

  • Metallography
  • Case Depth Analysis
  • Surface Contamination- Decarburization, Carburization, Nitride


  • Endothermic
  • Argon
  • Nitrogen
  • Vacuum
  • Raw and Dissociated Ammonia

Alloys Processed

  • Stainless Steel
  • Alloy Steels
  • Aluminum Alloys
  • Titanium Alloys
  • Copper Alloys
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Nickel Alloys

Quenching Capabilities

  • Oil Quenching
  • Marquenching
  • Water Quenching
  • Glycol Quenching
  • Positive Pressure Inert Gas to 2-Bar
  • Controlled Ramp Cooldown Cycles

Pacific Metallurgical is an approved heat treater and approved aerospace supplier to many Aerospace Prime and industry specifications, such as Boeing, Gulfstream, and Bell Helicopter. We are also Nadcap approved. The following is a list of some of the approvals Pacific Metallurgical currently holds and is meant as an example of our capabilities.

Please consult your Prime representatives and/or supplier portals to verify Pacific Metallurgical specific approval status before sending orders.