Nitrex Metal Inc.

Nitrex is a worldwide partner offering modern metal treating equipment, services, solutions and technologies. We began as an innovative gas nitriding process developer and a gas nitriding turnkey system supplier. Our revolutionary Nitreg® proprietary gas nitriding technology brought greater wear, fatigue and corrosion resistance to ferrous or non-ferrous materials. Qualities much sought after by anyone whose product manufacturing activities involve any heat treatment process. Over the years the spectrum of our capabilities has expanded to include a wide variety of applications, heat treatment processes and industries. We went as far as offering our own commercial metal treating services in several locations across North America. Our heat treatment technologies span from gas nitriding (nitriding control), gas nitrocarburizing / ferritic nitrocarburizing (nitrocarburizing control), and vacuum, to many other heat and metal treatments and are applied in the aerospace, automotive, aluminium extrusion, defense, gears, tool & die, plastics and machinery industries.

Today Nitrex has licensed many commercial heat treaters and sold gas nitriding furnaces, control systems with process control software to even more in-house users worldwide. In addition many heat treating furnaces and control systems have been retrofitted or refurbished by our engineers. Years of continuous R&D in our metallurgical laboratories and close cooperation with our customers, licensees and partners, combined with our vast experience in catering to the needs of manufacturers, metal treating centers, suppliers and users have literally brought us to the front line of heat treating technologies.
Summary of our products: turnkey heat treatment systems
heat treating furnaces (mainly gas nitriding furnaces)
batch-type furnace (pit furnace & front-loading furnace)
multi-chamber furnace & continuous furnace
heat treatment process control systems
gas effluent neutralizers
die preheat ovens
nitriding & nitrocarburizing process control software

Summary of our technologies: Nitreg® (nitriding with control of nitriding potential)
Nitreg®-C (nitrocarburizing with control of nitriding potential and carbon potential)
Nitreg®-S (nitriding of stainless steels with control of nitriding potential)
Nitreg®-S and Nano-STM (nitriding of stainless steels with control of nitriding potential).

Summary of our metal treating services:

  • gas nitriding
  • gas nitrocarburizing / ferritic nitrocarburizing
  • plasma nitriding
  • carburizing
  • carbo nitriding
  • normalizing
  • quenching
  • tempering
  • vacuum heat treating
  • vacuum carburizing