North American Cronite Inc.

FE Cronite is the global leader for the design and production of heat treatment furnace equipment and holding jigs with over 10,000 furnaces utilising its systems around the world.

Its solutions are adapted to heat treatment furnace loading based on:
– standard systems optimised for the most common furnaces installed in Europe, the United States, and in Asia (base trays, props, cross beams, grates, spacers, baskets, stackable frames, etc.)
– systems designed to meet component treatment and handling specifications.

To continually work towards optimising cast part protection, increase useful loads, reduce reject rates, identify automation possibilities, and control distortions to increase service life.

In order to implement its solutions, AFE Cronite uses a wide range of processes and materials: graphite castings, CFC with special coatings, cast or centrifuged Nickel Chromium alloy components, and specific alloys for machine-welded parts.

Major Parts Produced
– Baskets
– Base trays
– Loading systems
– Furnace equipment
– Special jigs and alloys used for low pressure case hardening