International Thermal Systems

International Thermal Systems (ITS) is a global industrial oven and furnace manufacturer, washer systems manufacturer and associated material handling equipment producer. We approach every engineered-to-order project as a partnership. For over three decades, we have partnered with industries such as aerospace, automotive, battery manufacturing, foundry, metal packaging, and power generation.

Our goal is to help you maximize production efficiency and minimize energy consumption. Equipped with proprietary technologies, we work with you to meet precise heat processing requirements.

The ITS team is honored to have been awarded Patents for ingenuity in process dryers, airflow circulation, and product transfer applications. In a few cases, ITS equipment has revolutionized the entire heat processing industry methodology.

International Thermal Systems was established when three recognized and distinguished manufacturers in the heat processing, finishing, and metal decorating industries merged; Industrial Heat Enterprises International (IHEI), Oven Systems Incorporated (OSI), and LTG Technologies, Inc.

International Thermal Systems headquarters are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. Here, engineering, manufacturing and R & D work cohesively with all ITS locations to deliver the best heat-treat solution to our customers around the globe. Our newly expanded facility in Shanghai, China provides additional manufacturing capacity with sales support. The sales office located in Stuttgart, Germany extends our presence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as we support and grow our customer partnerships. To learn more about ITS heat processing solutions, email your questions to