Skako Vibration

Below is a selection of the most common applications covered by SKAKO VIBRATION units within the industrial foundry sector.

The vibratory bulk storage feeder type FV allows for the complete raw material charge to be accommodated at this primary stage of the process. The combination of the V – shaped trough and the vibratory angle utilized, provides efficient untangling of interlocking material and ensures an even flow onto downstream equipment. Load cell can be included for batch weighing.


The vibratory bulk feeder type FV is ideally suited to load charges into direct fusion furnaces. This can include varied feed materials, including interlocking parts. The outlet chute is usually constructed from special heat resistant material. The unit can be mounted on a travelling motorized carriage running on rails, enabling a single feeder to charge multiple in line furnaces.


Custom designed vibratory shakeout grates for the stripping and decoring of casting moulds. These are designed to suit the foundry process requirements, and include ‘fixed position’ shakeout grates, shakeout grates with a fixed angle of transportation, and finally shakeout grates with a variable angle of transportation.


Vibratory conveyors incorporating cooling chambers with vertical forced air blowing down onto the product, allows for the cooling of castings during transportation. This can be to suit a fixed conveying rate, or incorporating a SKAKO VIBRATION phase displacement module to allow for the optimum stroke and cooling time to be achieved for differing castings.


Custom designed lines incorporating the ‘Skakoweigh’ flow control system teamed with an FV bulk storage feeder, discharging onto a specially designed ‘no noise’ vibratory sorting / inspection conveyor. This provides a singular or aligned product flow, ideal for quality inspection procedures.


Custom designed systems usually commencing with an FV feeder, either with or without a ‘Skakoweigh’ flow control, allow for interlocking parts and components to be efficiently processed, and directed into a singular feed pattern. They are fed onto inline vibratory conveyors with the required baffles, chicanes and shaped troughs to ensure the correct orientation.



Tubular vibratory conveyors allow for the transportation of both hot & ambient temperature sand. Totally enclosed and fully dust proof for pollution free operation. They are available in 6 standard diameters between 160 – 560mm, with lengths up to 10M. They are usually fitted with fixed feed rate unbalanced motor drives.


SKAKO VIBRATION provide two types of units for separation functions. The first is to utilize classical screening methods with specially developed separation decks, and the second is to grade by density. These patented vibratory ‘density’ graders allow for the effective separation of core parts, foundry sand and the metal parts prior to recycling / additional processing.