Q&A with Heat Treat 2019 attendees


HEAT TREAT 2019, is scheduled to hit Detroit, Michigan, October 15–17. The show will bring thousands of industry experts and insiders to the motor city, where they will be on hand with knowledge to take heat-treating into 2020 and beyond. Thermal Processing reached out to several exhibitors and asked them to share their plans for HEAT TREAT 2019. If you’re going to be at the show, be sure and stop by their booths for more information.

Advanced Energy Industries
Booth #1008

Scott Burkemper, Regional Sales Manager

Heat Treat Expo is important to Advanced Energy because it allows us to showcase our newest technology and solutions to current and prospective OEM and end-user customers. This year, in booth #1008, we will exhibit our SCR power controllers, pyrometers, and thermal-imaging technologies for the industrial markets. We especially look forward to demonstrating how our SCR products provide superior control in a wide range of applications, and how our advanced communications protocols provide easy integration into a connected enterprise for data collection and analytics.

Booth #1809

Mike Coburn, Technical Sales

As any manufacturer using heat treatment for parts processing knows, finding people knowledgeable on that topic can prove difficult. Isn’t that why you visit events like ASM Heat Treat? AFC-Holcroft will have product experts on hand, ready to discuss your specific thermal-processing needs. Come in, have a seat, and let one of our experienced, knowledgeable staff discuss your unique situation in a face-to-face setting. Tell us about your production and process requirements, and let us offer suggestions. We’re sure you will find your visit to be productive and informative. 

DeKalb Blower
Booth #310

Eric Johansen, President

DeKalb Blower is exhibiting in the Heat Treat Expo so customers or potential customers may see our offerings, and the patented and patent-pending features we offer on our products due to the severity that most of these fan impellers and components are subject to in the demanding heat-treating industry. These heavy-duty products typically add durability and service life to the equipment. We are also available to answer any questions that are fan-related and offer insights on any of the issues you may be encountering that are fan- or blower-related at your facility. We will also have a lot of great giveaways to all visitors at our booth.

Diablo Furnaces
Booth #1318

Bill Gornicki, CEO

Diablo Furnaces is a new heat-treating OEM poised for growth. Supporting well-known industrial companies with new equipment, Diablo is exhibiting and conveying “Service” by showing our new Utility Van and how it’s an integral part of our company growth. Service is an extension of every aspect in a company from sales, customer relations, installation, and aftermarket, and what better symbol to showcase than our new service vehicle. The ASM HTE is the place where connections happen. If you’re a visitor, exhibitor, supplier, or student, one can learn, share, and exchange information under one roof. Diablo is exhibiting and attending to make connections. We are only as strong as our weakest link, so making more connections provides us with better ammunition for solutions. 

Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems
Booth #2309

Ben Gasbarre, President, Gasbarre Industrial Furnace Systems

Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems designs, manufactures, and services thermal-processing equipment for virtually any process. We offer continuous and batch, atmosphere and vacuum equipment, and a full range of aftermarket parts and services. We are excited to be featuring our precision nitriding system for nitriding, FNC, and atmosphere tempering/stress relieving processes. Also, look for our modular vacuum system, designed to give the utmost flexibility as businesses evolve. We provide products and services that combine value and design flexibility through knowledge and understanding of your process. Stop by booth #2309 to find out how Gasbarre can help drive your success.

Inductotherm Group
Booth #1600

Robert J Madeira, President Inductotherm Heating & Welding Mexico and Global Manager of Heat Treating Technologies, Inductoheat Inc.

The Inductotherm Group is much more than skin deep heating. The 2019 exhibit features technologies for heat treating, welding, vacuum-induction brazing, and forging.  Please visit  booth 1600 to meet a knowledgeable staff from Inductoheat, Inductotherm Heating & Welding Mexico, Thermatool, and PVT Vacuum Thermal Processing Equipment.  Come experience the information highway that moves the induction heating industry onward and upward. See it first hand by visiting Inductoheat.  Sign up for the ASM organized plant tour of Inductoheat happening Monday, October 14. We are always available at: FSG@inductoheat.com or 248-585-9393 and look forward to meeting you at HTS 2019.

INEX Incorporated
Booth #1418

Mike Kasprzyk, President

Share and learn is why INEX exhibits and Heat Treat 19 attendees should visit our booth. For more than 30 years, we have been showing heat treaters from all over the world how composite radiant tubes can improve their furnace performance (throughput) and reduce maintenance costs. Most heat treaters know their alloy tubes all eventually fail due to creep or corrosion. Stop by our booth and learn how to shorten cycles, speed up continuous furnaces, and reduce maintenance/replacement costs for radiant tubes. And if you are already a customer, please stop by and share your success.

International Thermal Systems
Booth #922

Kurt Willms, Sales Manager

ITS has attended the Heat Treat show for many years, and it is one of our best shows. Heat Treat offers a great combination of networking and educational opportunities. We are able to meet existing customers and have the opportunity to connect with potentially new customers. We also enjoy learning about the new technologies that are being developed in the ever-changing heat-treating industry.

Laserline Inc.
Booth #2308

Wolfgang Todt, Vice President of U.S. Operations

At Heat Treat 2019, professionals meet and discuss new advancements in heat-treatment and additive manufacturing technologies. That’s why Laserline is there. Laserline, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of high-power diode lasers, perfectly suited for these applications. With a power range from 500 W to 60 kW, we pretty much meet any surface heat-treatment challenge. With our newest innovation – the LDMblue – we are able to process highly reflective nonferrous metals such as copper or gold at 450 nm wavelength. See you at booth #2308, and let us help you find the right laser for your needs.

Booth #1819

Kelley Shreve, Applications Engineer

Lindberg/MPH is exhibiting at Heat Treat Expo 2019 to provide attendees with information on our industrial heat treat furnaces, including pit, box, integral quench, and hot-stamp designs for the ferrous and non-ferrous markets. Lindberg/MPH manufactures custom and standard heat-treat furnaces for many different industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, foundry, and more. While at Lindberg/MPH’s booth (#1819), attendees should look forward to meeting and speaking with our experienced, knowledgeable staff who are able to answer any and all of your heat-treat furnace, industry, and process-related questions.

L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc.
Booth #1518

Tom Schultz, Sales Manager

L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc., is a leader in high uniformity batch furnaces, ovens, kilns, quench tanks, and heat-treating systems. All manufacturing and engineering is done in-house from one location just south of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. L&L sells and services worldwide. Visit Booth 1518 to meet company representatives, who can explain how L&L Furnaces can make a difference in your heat-treating applications. You can also visit www.LLFurnace.com and download PDF product bulletins and more.

Metal Treating Institute
Booth #1527

Tom Morrison, CEO MTI Management

Being the trade association of the heat-treating industry, we are excited to exhibit at the Heat Treat Show because it helps us connect and get closer to our members on issues such as quality standards, specifications, forecasting, and training.  Technology and disruption are causing markets to change faster than ever before for heat treaters, making connecting with them more important than ever before to understand what they need to compete in today’s ever-changing environment.

Metallurgical High Vacuum
Booth #2307

Dave Milliman, Lead Sales and Engineering Support

As a full-service vacuum system solutions provider, Metallurgical High Vacuum participates in the Heat Treat Expo because it is a valuable platform for talking with people about industry trends and issues. In addition, the Expo is a great forum for explaining how we can supply remanufactured pumps that will perform like new with our unique process “dynamic proof testing.” Our on-site preventative maintenance services and vacuum systems optimization are also noteworthy. Come learn how to have confidence in remanufactured vacuum pumps and blowers and how MHV can improve your vacuum system performance at booth #2307.

Nel Hydrogen
Booth #1215

David Wolff, Region Sales Manager

Reducing gas atmospheres is critical to volume annealing, brazing, and sintering. The need for reducing gas atmospheres is growing to meet the needs of rapidly-expanding additive manufacturing applications. At the same time, the supply of delivered hydrogen is encountering shortages due to liquefaction and transportation limitations. Simultaneously, hydrogen storage and ammonia storage are coming under pressure from code and EH&S officials. On-site hydrogen generation provides hydrogen users a safe, efficient, easy-to-permit, cost-effective hydrogen supply for thermal-processing applications. Nel Hydrogen will assist visitors to determine if on-site hydrogen is a fit with their requirements.

Booth #1405

Don Selmi, President

As a leading manufacturer of heat-processing equipment, this show allows us to meet with many of our existing customers as well as introduce our products and capabilities to new attendees. Premier/BeaverMatic is a manufacturer of proven-performance atmospheric furnaces as well as other heat-processing systems for captive and commercial heat-treat departments worldwide. We are best known for our performance-proven internal quench furnace, with the latest in furnace controls and data collection. Some of our technical and sales staff will be at the show to answer questions. They are experienced in heat treatments and knowledgeable with various applications and efficiencies used within various markets. We manufacturer standard and custom designs to meet a variety of processes, time lines, and budgets.   

Solar Manufacturing
Booth #2013

Jim Nagy, President

By displaying at Heat Treat Expo, Solar Manufacturing will be introducing our latest innovations developed to improve the quality and operation of our vacuum furnaces, including energy efficient hot-zone designs and advanced features added to our automation systems. Since 2002, Solar Manufacturing’s ingenuity has led the heat-treating industry with advances in hot-zone designs, improved energy efficiency, state-of-the-art furnace automation and control systems, and high-performance gas quenching.  We will be showcasing our SolarVac® control innovations at ASM Heat Treat 2019 for the benefit of our customers: a new, thermally efficient and extremely strong hot-zone design and a new integrated furnace control system. To see these latest advances in ingenuity on display, visit booth #2013.

Super Systems, Inc.
Booth #1407

Steve Duban, Sales Engineer

Super Systems is proud to participate in the Heat Treat Expo and looks forward to greeting existing customers and meeting new companies that are looking to modernize technology-related products and services for their heat-treat operation. Attendees will see SSi’s upgraded suite of load entry/load tracking software (LE3) and the latest edition of our plant-wide, data-acquisition software (SuperDATA PRO). We will demonstrate our eFlo2.0 line of flow meters along with a comprehensive line of process controllers and easy-to-use analyzers to meet the demanding specifications of AMS2750 and CQI-9. 

Booth #1018

Ryan Neiss, Product Manager — Induction Heating Product Group

As a custom machine builder, Taylor-Winfield’s niche in induction heating is designing and manufacturing “turn-key” systems customized to our customer’s heat-treat and brazing applications. Exhibiting at the HEAT TREAT EXPO is a perfect opportunity to discover attendees’ needs, what challenges they face, and how we can build an equipment solution to meet their requirements. Whether it’s a single induction power supply or a comprehensive automated system, we have a solution. Stop by our booth #1018 to see what induction-heating solutions we can provide for your part production needs.

Wisconsin Oven
Booth #1820

Doug Christiansen, Application Engineer

Wisconsin Oven Corporation is exhibiting in Booth 1820 at the Heat Treat Expo 2019. During the show, we will be showcasing our standard, custom batch, and continuous industrial ovens. Wisconsin Oven manufactures electrically heated and gas fired heat-treat ovens for a multitude of industries, including aerospace, automotive, composites, energy, finishing, and more. We are also inviting attendees to our Solutions Center presentation on Aerospace (AMS 2750/BAC 5621) and Automotive (CQI-9) Pyrometry testing service options, which allow for quicker production start-up and faster revenue generating capabilities with your new equipment purchase. This presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, October 15, at 3 p.m.