Turkish company buys second Nitrex furnace


Yazici Transfer Makina company will add a second Nitrex turnkey nitrocarburizing system to its Istanbul facility as a way to increase the manufacturing capacity of tooling and machinery components for the company’s precision CNC machines. It started production with the new system in the fall of 2021, and is used for Nitreg®-C nitrocarburizing and ONC® in-process oxidation treatments.

This second Nitrex furnace is the same type as the first installation, a compact size NXK series furnace that became operational in 2019, simply bigger.

“In addition to improving tooling quality and performance, the NXK-812 is very economical to operate, if you take into account the low gas consumption and optimized energy efficiency. A solution that improves the company’s bottom line and reaffirms its commitment to sustainable manufacturing,” said Marcin Stokłosa, project manager at Nitrex Poland. 

Yazici Transfer Makina chose Nitreg®-C nitrocarburizing and ONC® in-process oxidation for their combined ability to improve the wear and corrosion properties of alloy and carbon steel parts.

“In the beginning, Yazici Transfer Makina was relying on a very well-known commercial heat treater from the Turkish market to nitrocarburize the parts it needed,” said Utku Inan, Nitrex representative in Turkey. “But now, the company has moved heat-treating operations in-house, purchasing its own systems to nitrocarburize metal parts, which saves the company on lead time and transportation costs.”

Yazici Transfer Makina is in Turkey, with its main office in Istanbul. The company operates in the fastener, button, needle, and pin manufacturing sector. This family-owned company was established in 2003 and oversees two plants.

Nitrex was founded as a private Canadian company in 1984. The company started as a pioneer in computer control-based nitriding and nitrocarburizing with its proprietary technology NITREG®. Over the next two decades, the company has grown in the United States and Poland, thriving thanks to its sustained efforts in research and development and bringing new technologies to the heat-treating market such as the ONC® technology that further enhances the corrosion and wear resistance properties of NITREG® treated steels and of NITREG®-C nitrocarburizing, an environmentally friendly alternative to salt bath nitrocarburizing.

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