Midwest manufacturer buys complete AFC-Holcroft batch austemper facility

A recently purchased AFC-Holcroft UBQA line will be used by a supplier of agricultural and lawn equipment. (Courtesy: AFC-Holcroft)

A major Midwestern U.S. supplier of agricultural and lawn equipment has recently purchased a complete batch austemper facility from AFC-Holcroft.

The complete line consists of two of AFC-Holcroft’s UBQA (Universal Batch Quench-Austemper) units along with ancillary equipment including pre-treatment spray dunk wash and post-treatment multi-stage washer, pre-heat temper furnaces, salt reclaiming system, and salt holding tank. An AFC-Holcroft EZ™ 4500 endothermic gas generator was also purchased to provide endo gas to the furnace units.

The system includes BatchMaster™ Supervisory Control System, along with AFC-Holcroft’s patent-pending Calibration Mode™ diagnostics software and Maintenance Module software, which comes pre-loaded with recommended maintenance tasks designed for easy access through the HMI touchscreen.

“This was a great customer to work with for this project,” said Mike Coburn, technical sales for AFC-Holcroft. “They fully understood right from the start the environmental and economic benefits of the system.”

“We have seen tremendous growth in our salt quench furnace lines, both continuous (pusher and belt) furnaces as well as our UBQA integral salt quench batch furnaces,” said Tracy Dougherty, vice president of sales. “In addition to the positive environmental impact, these systems produce metallurgical results and distortion control that are second to none.”

MORE INFO: www.afc-holcroft.com