ThermTech expands existing Ipsen atmosphere furnace line to meet increased demand


ThermTech runs its equipment 24/6, 360 days a year. As the economy continues to pick up, it needed to expand its existing Ipsen atmosphere line to keep up with increased demand. Having received strong performance from the Atlas atmosphere furnace and ancillary equipment installed in 2015, ThermTech recently purchased another Atlas integral quench batch furnace from Ipsen. ThermTech will use the Atlas for carburizing, carbonitriding, and neutral hardening while supporting business from the oil & gas and heavy equipment industries.

“We have worked with several major providers of heat treatment equipment, but Ipsen is among the best for providing support after equipment is purchased,” said Mary Springer, vice president of ThermTech. Supported by Ipsen’s global ICS (Ipsen Customer Service) Team, ThermTech has received installation and startup assistance, as well as dedicated local support for any of its equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.

In a shop where every furnace matters and uptime is critical to its success, being able to receive the furnace in a short timeframe was also important. Ipsen is able to offer companies significant time savings with reduced lead time on the Atlas, one of their modular platforms. Overall, Ipsen’s Atlas atmosphere line provides users with repeatable quality results. This includes achieving consistent, uniform case depth and uniform quench hardness due to the advanced quench system design.