Seco/Warwick has new technology for case-hardened parts

UniCase Master® is Seco/Warwick’s new technology for high-volume production of case-hardened parts. (Courtesy: Seco/Warwick)

Automotive manufacturers have joined other industries facing the dual challenges of compressed time to market and compliance with strict industry standards in exploring new strategies for achieving their goals.

The Industry 4.0 approach to modern manufacturing addresses these challenges using automation and technologies that produce high-quality products with repeatable results while reducing operating costs by eliminating waste and cycle time with a focus on quality. By approaching old problems with new thinking, Seco/Warwick’s new technology for high-volume production of case-hardened parts (UniCase Master®) is helping progressive companies save billions in operating costs.

In traditional heat treatment, distortion of components post-treatment is the historic problem that generates additional costs due to rejected parts and additional machining to correct these problems. Seco/Warwick, winner of Intelligent Development Award, has developed an innovative UniCase Master system, which can replace outdated heat-treatment methods by using a fully automated system that revolutionized how gearbox components are loaded and quenched using the single-flow case hardening system.

The system, simply defined, continuously loads parts that individually enter the heat-treatment process, and when complete, enter 4D quench for precision cooling that is key to eliminating component distortion. The transfer systems in and out of the furnace are designed to maintain the integrity and surface quality of each component, even at high volumes.

The fully automated UniCase Master system offers users a system technology that achieves repeatable results for high-volume heat treatment, eliminating human interventions throughout the process. A sophisticated control system proven throughout thousands of installations controls all options within the system complete with pre-programmed cycles for the Seco/Warwick signature technologies including FineCarb® vacuum carburizing and tempering and isothermal quenching.  Seco/Warwick provides a comprehensive technical service package offering, Seco/Predictive, an advanced control option that can detect potential failures before they occur.

It reduces the distortion of gears in continuous production that challenges conventional case-hardening methods with a single flow, precision case-hardening system for high-volume manufacturing.

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