Rudnev delivers lecture on induction heat treatment

Dr. Valery Rudnev

Dr. Valery Rudnev, IFHSTE Fellow and director of science and technology at Inductoheat, Inc., an Inductotherm Group company, delivered the William Woodside lecture at the ASM Detroit Chapter’s end of the year chapter meeting in May. The Woodside Lecture is named for William P. Woodside, the founder of ASM in Detroit in 1913.

Rudnev spoke on “Recent Theoretical and Practical Novelties in Induction Heat Treatment.” He is considered by many as one of the leading global figures in the induction heating and heat-treating industry with more than 40 years of experience. He is known within the ASM International and among induction heating professionals as “Professor Induction.”

Thermal processing by means of electromagnetic induction continues to grow at an accelerated rate replacing alternative processes. Today’s metal working and heat-treating industry must quickly adjust to a rapidly changing business environment, maximizing cost effectiveness, process flexibility, and energy efficiency, yet satisfy continuously increasing demands for higher-quality products, equipment longevity, and environmental friendliness.

Induction heating is a multifaceted phenomenon comprising a complex interaction of electromagnetics, heat transfer, circuit analysis, power electronics, and metallurgical phenomena that are tightly interrelated.

Novel designs have appeared quite regularly. Rudvev’s presentation focused on recent theoretical and practical novelties in induction heat treatment. Common mispostulations associated with induction heating and frequently overlooked metallurgical subtleties will be unveiled here as well.

Rudnev has been elected as a Fellow of both ASM International and International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE). His credits include a great deal of know-how, more than 50 patents and inventions (U.S. and International), and more than 250 engineering/scientific publications.