OWZ Ostalb invests in Endoflex S endothermic generator

The EndoFlex™ S is an advanced endothermic gas generator with numerous features to improve gas reaction efficiency, including sensors capable of diagnosing the most common gas generation issues before they become problematic. (Courtesy: Nitrex)

OWZ Ostalb bought a new electrically heated EndoFlex™ S endothermic gas generator to replace the company’s old generator.

OWZ Ostalb is a commercial heat-treatment company in Aalen, Germany, with which UPC-Marathon, one of Nitrex’s business units, has been in contact for several years.

“The customer chose us because we offered the most valuable product with the best-in-class gas mixing and control system, the EndoInjector™, and the highly efficient ReactionCore™ multi-retort system to deliver a reliable, on-demand supply of quality endogas, resulting in significant CO2 savings for their heat-treating operations,” said Daniel Panny, product manager at UPC-Marathon in Germany.

The EndoFlex S that was purchased is the electrically heated version with an air cooler, an automatic nitrogen purge system, and additional CH4monitoring to meet the highest safety standards.

The old generator had to be replaced because it had no automatic process control and was not able to control the dew point efficiency in situations where the ambient air changed too much. Furthermore, old components that were difficult or impossible to replace reduced the generator’s overall efficiency even further.

The EndoFlex is a turnkey system that is pretested by UPC-Marathon and ready to start working at the push of a button. At startup, UPC checks that all safety features function perfectly and provides detailed training to customers.

OWZ Ostalb has been using the new EndoFlex S since September 2021, and it has been running nonstop ever since.

“The customer is very satisfied with our product and highly praised the system’s availability rate of 100 percent since startup,” said Panny.

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